Weather in Shillong

Umiam Lake

Weather in Shillong

Shillong, being at a high elevation and surrounded by hills, is a visual treat in all seasons. Shillong’s lovely weather makes it appealing to visit at any time of year. However, summer is the best time to visit Shillong since the weather isn’t too hot and you may enjoy the lakes and tranquillity without interruption. Winter is also suitable for a visit from November to June. Avoid December and January if you don’t want to be bundled up.

The temperature in Shillong in Summer is between 150 Celcius to 240   Celcius and in Winter it goes down to 3Celcius.

Summer Season:

The summer season begins in March and lasts until June. The temperature ranges from 24°C to 15°C on average. The weather is perfect for a stroll along David Scott’s route. You might also go for a calm boating trip on Umiam Lake or kayaking on the Kynshi River. Even if you face an unexpected drizzle, it will just add to the charm of your whole trip.

Monsoon Season:

Shillong’s unique beauty may be seen during the monsoon season. The monsoon season lasts from June through September. With lakes in natural colors of blue and green, the waterfalls will be at their roaring best. However, if you want to be secure, you may visit some local cafés like Café Shillong, which flourishes with local music and food that captures the spirit of the city and its culture. Other restaurants to explore are Café Shillong Heritage and the Police Bazaar, where you may sample the street food. Try some Khasi cuisine in Jadoh or Sao Aim. The torrential rains and delectable cuisine will not damper your festive joy.

Winter Season:

The winter season begins in November and lasts until February. December and January are considered to be rather chilly months, with lows of 2°C. Though the weather will make you want to stay indoors, you may use the time to visit the Don Bosco Museum or the All Saint’s Cathedral, the town’s oldest cathedral.