Weather in Meghalaya

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Weather in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, India’s northeastern treasure, will wow you with a variety of unexpected views, ranging from the world’s wettest monsoons to one of the cleanest villages. The state’s long winding roads, peaceful tiny villages, rich history and tradition of the tribes, and food will thrill your restless soul and leave you wanting more. The weather in Meghalaya is generally nice all year. Explore nature’s hidden beauties and absorb in the tranquillity that has spread like wildfire here. Read on to learn about the ideal time to visit Meghalaya and how to organize your vacation appropriately.

The temperature in Meghalaya in Summer is between 150 Celcius to 320   Celcius; in Winter it goes down to 3Celcius.

Summer Season:

You may look forward to some beautiful summer days with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 30°C. The days are enjoyable since they allow you to explore additional options. In this weather, you may do everything from trekking to camping to gentle walks and calm picnics. If you are feeling steamy in the middle of the day, you can stay home and unwind. You might participate in a variety of local activities during this time of year. From early April through late June, the season is open.

Monsoon Season:

The state has some of the greatest rainfall rates in the nation, therefore it is only fair to bring it up again. Do you remember Cheeranpunjee? Even Mawsynram has strong rains during this season, making it a difficult terrain. Though the refreshing green all around may be quite appealing, you will be unable to access nearby locations and may wind up curled up in your room. The season lasts from July through October, but the rain begins in late June.

Winter Season:

The weather is nearly magnificent at this time of year. The temperature fluctuates from 3 to 15 degrees Celsius. The days may get foggy, but they are simply breathtaking and will leave you awestruck. Aside from risky acts, the state is buzzing with activity. For those who are interested, there are cuisine festivals, music performances, fishing tournaments, and kite flying events. You may participate and get a sense of the atmosphere.