Weather in Majuli

Majuli Island

Weather in Majuli

Majuli is a beautiful river island in the Indian state of Assam. Majuli, with its picture-perfect setting, has recently emerged as a major ecotourism destination, attracting visitors from all over the country. The only way to travel from Jorhat to Majuli without using a major airport or rail hub is by ferry. However, Majuli should not be visited during all seasons. Let’s look into Majuli’s weather patterns and the ideal times to travel there.

The temperature at Majuli in Summer is between 240 Celcius to 340   Celcius and in Winter it goes down to 10Celcius.

Summer Season:

Summer temperatures in Majuli are notoriously high. It’s hot, humid, and sultry, and the constant sweating causes nausea. Moving around and sightseeing become difficult when temperatures exceed 30°C. Avoiding the summer entirely is the best course of action.

Monsoon Season:

The weather improves significantly with the arrival of the monsoon. The rains refresh the environment and breathe new life into it. Temperatures are still comfortable, averaging around 20°C. Rains, on the other hand, cause flooding throughout Assam, and Majuli, as a river island, is especially vulnerable to the effects of flooding. As a result, a tour of the island can be unpredictable.

Winter Season:

Winters are the best months to visit and explore Majuli Island. Temperatures rarely exceed 20°C due to the mild and moderate climate. Majuli’s best seasons for sightseeing are late autumn, winter, and spring. This period also coincides with Lord Krishna’s Raas festival, which is held on the full moon day in November. You’ll have a fantastic time in Majuli.