Well, the very thought of visiting Shillong includes all the alluring beauties that it has to offer. Likewise, how could one miss out on the breathtaking waterfalls of Shillong? I am sure you have that in your tour plan. All the natural beauty that Shillong beholds is one of a kind out of the other north eastern states. However, apart from the sight-seeing, food and local market visits, there is a lot more to be done. For any backpackers seeking adventure and thrill, Shillong has its unique and varied waterfalls to accommodate all your wild undertakings.
Be it magnificent museums to rich cultural heritage, you name it and it’s there for you all available in Shillong. Having said that, allow us to take you on a roller coaster ride witnessing all the major waterfalls in Shillong. By the end of this piece, I am sure you would have decided on which one to visit first. Let’s go

Nohsngithiang Falls

While being located close to a village named Mawsmai 4.3 Km from Cherrapunji, this is one gigantic fall ideal as a viewing point. It is popularly designated as the ‘seven sister falls’ owing to its seven segmentations. It lies at a height of nearly about 1035 feet and the width of approximately 70 meters. The ideal time to visit this fall is witnessed to be from the month of June till November. It is during the monsoon season that dense clouds and mist hovers all around the sky near the waterfall.
Post monsoon period brings the best out of the waterfall and thus is a treat to the eyes. Due to natural rainfall during monsoon, the force of the water is tremendous which makes it look immensely beautiful during sunrise and sunset.

Elephant Falls

Locally known as the ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’ this waterfall lies in three tiers of ultimate bliss. It is distanced at about 12 kms from Shillong city. However, it stands out as a great place of weekend relief for the locals. The name of the waterfalls owes its origin to 1900 when Britishers named it so because of a rock like structure that was present. Now, the elephant like rock that used to be visible no longer exists as it was ravished because of a natural calamity.
From October till December, i.e., post monsoon happens to be the suitable time for a visit. It is then that one can witness the true spirit of nature through it. For the photographers as well as the ones hunting for trekking, this place in Shillong can offer you your desired outcome.

Bishop and Beadon Falls

Most popularly referred to as the twin brother falls, this piece of nature is amazing to witness. These twins are the ultimate makers of the very famous Umiam Lake and later passes through Suna Valley. Bishop falls is a stream with three tiers which lies at a height of about 443 feet. The water flows down the east khasi hills. Beadon on the other hand flows through rocky hills.
The ideal things to do at this place would be undertaking a short swim, picnics and witnessing wildlife and the natural plunge pool. It is distanced at 5 Km from Shillong bus stand. Monsoon is the season highly recommended for planning a visit at this sight.

Rainbow Falls

Waterfalls in itself are one of a kind but the one we are talking about here, is highly pleasing to the eyes. A perfect hidden adventure region lies near Nongriat village which is about 18km from Cherrapunji. June to October is considered the ideal time for a visit. This place is for the ones looking for offbeat adventure. The scenic beauty is something that just cannot be missed out on. it is indeed a treat to the eyes and thus, do not forget to plan a visit to this particular waterfall.
Reaching this point involves a 3-4 hours of trekking experience which might seem to you as tiring but it is worth all of it. every experience through the trek something new and adventurous to offer.

Bophill Falls

This one definitely needs attention as much as its picturesque beauty. It is located near Dawki at Indo-Bangladesh Border. One can easily reach the place roadways as it is just situated 5 kms away from it. With its gracefulness and majestic nature, it never misses out any chance to please its viewers. With depicting khasi Hills on one end and Bangladesh on the other, it is a true beauty to be witnessed.
Some of the terrific activities to be done here are swimming, photography or even boating at the Umngot River. It is the post monsoon season that brings out the best that this place withholds.



Well, the answer remains for you to decide. But it is indeed a treat to the eyes that is not to be seen everywhere. Each waterfall in Shillong has its unique history attached to it. The scenic beauty is worth all the trails.


The answer is very simple. It is the post monsoon period that gets the flowing water gushing with huge force. Thus, it is not just the view that seems pleasing but also the sound prevailing in the area.


There is no particular opinion on that. Each waterfall has something new and different to offer. It is only on a visit that one gets to appreciate the true beauty of the place. The category of favourite too varies from one person to the other.


After looking into some of the waterfalls that Shillong entails, one must be energetic to visit and witness each. However, the list is not exhaustive, there are many more such pieces of beauty that remain with the territory of the place. Hence, for backpackers looking for something new and thrilling to add to their trip, the best would be to experience off-beat activities in these water bodies. Though, it is suggestive that necessary precautions be taken.