Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park

Duration: 1-2 hours
400/- Per Person

Jeep Safari Timings: 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Pets: Not Allowed Alcohol: Not Allowed

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Book online Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park at the best and cheapest price. You can book a jeep safari with us for all the four zones of Kaziranga, Central (Kohara) Zone, Western (Bagori) Zone, Eastern (Agaratoli) Zone and Burapahar (Ghorakati) Zone. All the booking procedures of jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park will be managed by us.

Kaziranga Jeep Safari Price

Safari ZonesPrice for Foreign NationalsPrice for Indian NationalsDuration
Kohora (Central) Range 7,500/- person 3,700/- person1 hour
Bagori ( Western) Range 7,500/- person 3,800/- person1 hour
Agaratoli (Eastern) Range 8,500/- person 4,800/- person1 hour
Please Note
Maximum 6 persons are allowed (5 adults and 1 kid below four years) in one jeep.

Jeep Safari Zones in Kaziranga National Park

Kohara (Central) Zone:This zone is the core area of Kaziranga National Park. Hence the probability of seeing a tiger, one horned rhinoceros, swap deer etc is high here. It is the most preferred zone for tourists visiting Kaziranga.

Bagori (Western) Zone:This zone is full of lush greenery with a varieties of wildlife species. Due to the presence of small ponds in this zone, this zone attracts most of the animals to quench their thirst. Therefore, animals such as rhinos, tigers and other species are easily sighted here.

Eastern (Agartoli) Zone:Eastern zone of Kaziranga contains the national highway and it is very much suitable for jeep safari. Also this zone is a well known part for wildlife photography.

Burapahar (Ghorakati) zone:This zone is located in Ghorakati (a village in Kaziranga). This zone is a well known part of Kaziranga for trekking as well as for jeep riding.

Tour Highlights

Indulge in an exciting and thrilling Kaziranga Safari Tour

Witness the one horned rhino and tiger at the park

Enjoy the stunning view of the greenery of Kaziranga

Watch the prime animals closely at the Kaziranga

Package Itinerary Details:-

  • Arrival and Safari:
    Have your breakfast and reach Kaziranga National Park.
    Enjoy Jeep Safari ride through the park.
    Get a chance to see the different animals and plants.
    During your safari ride witness the rare rhinoceros species of Kaziranga.
    Leave the park with the memories of the wildlife excursion.
Please Note
  • Safari Ride and Safari Zones are allotted subject to availability and the amount is non refundable once the voucher for Jeep Safari is issued.
  • Visitors staying within 5 kilometres from the safari gate can avail the jeep safari pick up facility at an additional cost.
  • Visitors are required to provide their full name, gender and age for booking jeep safari.
  • Carrying the same ID Card is compulsory, which you will submit during online booking of Jeep Safari.
  • All charges should be paid in advance for jeep safari. Also Jeep Safari follows the process of first come and first serve basis.
  • For foreign tourists, details of passports have to provided in order to book Jeep Safari.
  • To keep jeep safari booking fair, the forest department of Kaziranga uses an automated computerized system.
  • Jeep Safari has two different shifts, the first shift is in the morning from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM and the second one is in the early afternoon from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM.
  • Once entry permits are issued, it cannot be cancelled or transferred.
  • You can hire a guide for your jeep safari excursion. Please note that only registered guides of Kaziranga National Park are allowed.
  • After sunset, entering the Kaziranga National Park is strictly not allowed.
  • During jeep safari getting down from the vehicle is not allowed at any cost.
  • Pets are not allowed. So do not try to bring any kind of pets inside the Kaziranga National Park by any means.
  • Visitors should not feed the animals, it is strictly prohibited
  • All visitors visiting Kaziranga must cooperate and follow the rules and regulations of Kaziranga national park for the protection of wildlife.
  • We are an intermediary and only provide online platform for booking Jeep Safari. We do not conduct jeep safari. So if you suffer from an injury, accident, theft and death during your safari then we are not responsible for it.
  • Safari Ride
  • Sightseeing
  • Activities
  • Things which are not included in inclusions
  • GST
Confirmation Policy
Cancellation Policy
  • Once we receive the payment you will receive an acknowledgment email from us showing receipt and confirmation of payment.
  • 25% of total package cost if cancelled 30 days before the starting date of the trip.
  • 50% of total package cost if cancelled 15-30 days before the starting date of the trip.
  • 100% of total package cost if cancelled 0-15 days before the starting date of the trip.
  • Once the voucher for the Safari is issued by the authorities, 100% of the total cost will be charged as cancellation.
Things to Carry
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Wipes and Toilet Paper
  • Mosquito Repellent Cream
  • Good Quality Shoes
  • Charger
  • BackPack
  • Valid Identity Card
  • E-Invite from kaziranga tourism

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which zone is famous in Kaziranga for doing Jeep Safari?

Central Zone (Kohora) and Western Zone (Bagori) are the two most preferred zones of Kaziranga for tourists, because these zones are home to the prime animals of Kaziranga  and you can easily find them in these required zones.

2.Best time for visiting Kaziranga?

Visiting Kaziranga is best from November to April. From June to September, Kaziranga National Park is closed.

3. Which safari is best, Elephant safari or Jeep Safari?

Both the safaris are good and safe in Kaziranga. Elephant Safari gives you a different experience and you can enjoy wildlife safari from a height at a slow and calm pace. Jeep safari gives you more option to see the prime animals within a day by moving faster from one zone to another as compared to elephant safari.

4. How many ranges are there inside the Kaziranga National Park ?

There are four zones for tourists visiting Kaziranga and they are the Central Zone (Kohora), Western Zone (Bagori), Eastern Zone (Agaratoli) and Burapahar Zone (Ghorakati).

5. How many days are enough for a jeep safari in Kaziranga?

Two days is enough for a jeep to cover all the four zones of Kaziranga and explore its beauty along with the varieties of wildlife species.

6. Is it safe to go on a jeep safari in Kaziranga?

Yes, it is safe to go on a jeep safari inside the Kaziranga National Park. You can also hire an expert guide who will not only ensure your safety but also teach the basic lessons that help you to keep yourself safe inside the jungle.

7. Can we stay inside the Kaziranga National Park?

You cannot stay inside, but outside the Central Zone (Kohara) and Western Zone (Bagori)  hotels and resorts are built for tourists where visitors can stay and relax themselves.

8. For doing safari in Kaziranga will there be an open jeep?

Yes, usually an open Jeep is available for doing a jeep safari in Kaziranga National Park.

9. What are the animals for which Kaziranga National Park is famous for?

Kaziranga National Park is famous for its rare species of wild animals the like the world famous  One-Horned Rhinoceros, the Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Swamp Deer and Wild Buffalos.

10. Should I visit Kaziranga National Park?

Yes , Kaziranga is a good option for general people as well as adventure lovers as it is rich in biodiversity and allows its visitors to explore its wildlife and different species in their natural state.

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