Elephant Safari at Kaziranga National Park

Duration: 1-2 Hours
1,500/- Per Person

Elephant Safari Timings: 5 AM to 6 AM and 6 AM to 7 AM

Pets: Not Allowed Alcohol: Not Allowed

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If you want to experience an old age safari that people used to do in the past then you can do that with an Elephant Safari in Kaziranga National Park. Elephant Safari is a truly unique way of experiencing the jungle closely and also being the gentle giants of the jungle, elephants make your safari much safer. Here, visitors can book an Elephant for Safari of the two Zones of Kaziranga National park, which are Central (Kohara) Zone and Western (Bagori) Zone. You can book an Elephant Safari at Kaziranga National Park with us at an affordable price.

Kaziranga Elephant Safari Price

Safari ZonesPrice for Foreign NationalPrice for Indian NationalTime Scale
Kohora (Central) Range 3,200/- person1,5001 hour
Bagori ( Western) Range 3,200/- person1,5001 hour
Agaratoli (Eastern) Range 3,200/- person1,5001 hour
Please Note
You can make advance booking of elephant safari for confirmation of slots of 5AM to 6 AM and 6 AM to 7 AM.

Safari Zones in Kaziranga National Park:-

Kohora (Central) Zone:This zone is the core section of Kaziranga National Park. Therefore being the core section, while doing safari in this zone you have the maximum chance of sighting tiger, rhino etc.

Bagori (Western) Zone:This zone is a well known section of Kaziranga because of its lush green environment and pleasing landscapes. This western range of Kaziranga also contains water bodies which helps animals to quench their thirst. Therefore, you have the maximum chance of seeing the prime animals of Kaziranga while visiting this zone.

Tour Highlights

Interact with the rhinos and elephants of Kaziranga National Park.

Watch the animals plunging in the ponds and observe their activities

Take a scenic and thrilling ride on the back of an elephant

Closely observe the prime animals while doing safari through the Kaziranga National Park

Package Itinerary Details:-

  • Arrival and Safari:
    Tie your shoes and eat your scrumptious breakfast.
    Enter Kaziranga National Park.
    Enjoy an elephant ride on Kaziranga’s Elephant Safari Zone.
    Witness the different animals at the park.
    You may get a chance to take a closer look at the rare rhinoceros species.
    Later, exit the national park and proceed to your destination.
Please Note
  • As printed on the identity cards the name, age and gender of each visitor needs to be provided for booking the Elephant Safari.
  • IDs submitted during the online booking is needed to be carried on the day of safari for confirmation of each person.
  • Details of passport are compulsory for making reservations of foreign tourists.
  • Elephant Safari has only two shifts; but both the shifts are only in the morning. During elephant safari do not try to get down from the safari, it is strictly not allowed.
  • During your safari do not try to feed the elephant or any other animals or climb the elephant’s back on your own.
  • After sitting on its back, treat it nicely. Kicking or punching the elephant can have dangerous outcomes.
  • Only registered guides are allowed to accompany the visitors for the safari ride at Kaziranga.
  • Unauthorised guides are strictly not accepted. Any such attempt can put you in great trouble.
  • Pets are banned inside the park, do not try to bring any kind of pets.
  • Since it is a wildlife sanctuary, entering it after sunset is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors at Kaziranga National Park are required to follow the rules of the Wildlife Protection Act.
  • We are a booking platform for the Elephant Safari and we are not responsible for any theft or untoward incident or accident causing injury or resulting in death.
  • Safari Ride
  • Sightseeing
  • Activities
  • Things which are not included in inclusions
  • GST
Confirmation Policy
Cancellation Policy
  • Once we receive the payment you will receive an acknowledgment email from us showing receipt and confirmation of payment.
  • 25% of total package cost if cancelled 30 days before the starting date of the trip.
  • 50% of total package cost if cancelled 15-30 days before the starting date of the trip.
  • 100% of total package cost if cancelled 0-15 days before the starting date of the trip.
  • Once the voucher for the Safari is issued by the authorities, 100% of the total cost will be charged as cancellation.
Things to Carry
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Wipes and Toilet Paper
  • Mosquito Repellent Cream
  • Good Quality Shoes
  • Charger
  • BackPack
  • Valid Identity Card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be guides available during the Elephant Safari?

Yes, when on an elephant safari, a guide will be offered. The guide will ensure your safety as well as make your adventure memorable.

2. What is the overall size or area of Kaziranga National Park?

The area of Kaziranga National Park is around 858.98 km2, or roughly 331.65 square miles.

3. What makes Kaziranga National Park so well-known?

Kaziranga is well-known for the variety of plants and animals it contains. The One-Horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer, and Wild Buffalos are some of its well-known native animals.

4. Does the Kaziranga National Park allow visitors to stay there?

No, but near the Central Zone (Kohara) or Western Zone there are hotels and resorts available, so you can book your stay there.

5. Which range is the best for an elephant safari?

At Kaziranga, each zone’s plants and animals have their own unique specialties. However, the Central Zone (Bagori) and the Western Zone (Kohora) are two well-known zones for Elephant Safari in Kaziranga.

6. Is it safe to go on an Elephant Safari in Kaziranga?

Yes, it is far safer than a jeep safari since elephants are the gentle giants of the jungle and offer you greater protection.

7. How long does it take an elephant to cover a particular region in Kaziranga?

In Kaziranga, an elephant may cover a zone in around one and a half hours.

8. Which time of year is best to visit Kaziranga?

The best time to visit Kaziranga is from November to April because the sanctuary is submerged in water from May to September during the monsoon season.

9.How many days are required for the Kaziranga Tour?

To fully experience Kaziranga National Park, you’ll need two days: one for a Jeep Safari and the other for an Elephant Safari, as well as a local visit to a tea garden or a biodiversity park.

10. Which area at Kaziranga is widely known for an elephant safari?

In terms of plants and animals, each area of Kaziranga is strong. However, the Central Zone (kohara) and Western Zone (Bagori) are the most popular zones for an elephant safari since you can easily observe the key creatures of Kaziranga in these areas, such as One-Horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, and Swamp deer.

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