Mount Everest


If you are planning to trek the most sought for trekking on earth i.e. the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek then here are top 10 tips for you to make your journey wonderful and a lifetime experience:-

1. Be Mentally Prepared

First and foremost thing for you before trekking the Mount Everest Base Camp is that you should be mentally and psychologically prepared for the trek. You need to prepare yourself for  life on the Himalayan region. If you are habituated of outdoor trips then there shall no problem for you. Mostly accommodation will be in small lodges run by local Sherpas. You will get a bed to sleep and shower is also provided. So no need to worry too much but still be mentally prepared.

2. Train Yourself

You do not need to be an athlete or the fittest person on the planet in order to trek the Mount Everest Base Camp but you should keep yourself physically fit and healthy for long walks. You are not required to have any climbing experience or any high altitude trekking experience for Everest Base Camp Trek however a little bit of freehand physical exercise and also some jogging or long walks 4(four) weeks before the trek will be very helpful for you to enjoy this wonderful journey.

3. Get the trekking gears

Trekking gears are important for completing your trek smoothly. Make it sure you have the proper clothing with you. Get yourself a good and durable pair of boots. Take a good down tuff and waterproof jacket and a cap or a sun hat. Buy Hiking Poles to help ease the pressure off your knees and also to balance while clambering over loose rocks. Take a proper water carrier with you all the time and also water purification tablets for drinking water. Well it is not necessary that you have to take all these from your home but these are available in Kathmandu market at a cheaper price for you to purchase or take on rent as well. Ensure that your bag should not be too heavy for you to carry during the trek. Normally it must not be more than 12kg.

4. Avoid direct contact with the sun whenever possible

The level of UV protection are lower in the higher altitudes so if the day is too much sunny you can use your sun hat to avoid direct contact with the sun and from the UV rays.

5. Have The Right Food

Eating the right kind of food is really important for you while on the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. You should avoid caffeine and alcohol while trekking at high altitudes. Most tea houses have flavored fruit powder and they mix it with hot water and serve like hot lemon, orange or mango which you can enjoy. Avoid any junk or too much oily food as much as you can. You may eat fried potatoes with vegetables, boiled egg or omelet, cheese etc. You can also have noodles with vegetables. Nepal’s most popular Dal bhaaat (Dal and  Rice) is also a good option when you are really hungry. Drink 3 to 4 litres of water every daya as you have to stay hydrated all the time and there is no exception to this rule.You can carry chocolates, energy bars and other snacks to fuel your body for the trek.

6. Learn and prepare about Acute Mountain Sickness

While you are travelling in high altitudes you may not at all time be prone to Mountain Sickness but since you are undertaking this journey you should learn about Acute Mountain Sickness and be prepared. The symptoms of Mountain sickness can be headache, dizziness, muscle aches or nausea and Acute Mountain Sickness can easily be avoided at the initial stage. You do not have to worry at all as this is just a tip and not that you are bound to get mountain sickness once you are in the high altitudes. It is just a precautionary measure. Without any worry you can plan your trip for Everest Base Camp Trek, 2019.

7. Have a good first aid kit

Very important for you is to keep a proper first aid kit with you during the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. You can consult a medical expert on medicines that you should carry along with you while on a trek in high altitudes.

8. Keep Some Cash

If you do not want to regret later with cash crunch keep some cash in hand as there are no ATM’s in some places during the trekking. So it is better to keep some cash with you.

9. Keep Your Cell Phone Close To Your Body

During the Trek keep your cell phone close to your body even while sleeping.  Charging battery is very costly there. The cold weather drain batteries quickly in the Everest Region, extend their life by keeping them warm.

10. Enjoy Yourself

Lastly do not forget that you are on an adventurous holiday and that you are there to enjoy and create wonderful memories of your lifetime. Enjoy the whole trek and also enjoy the glimpse of Himalaya which will definitely take your breather away.  Smile because smile is the best medicine to be happy.

So these are the best 10 (ten) tips that is to be followed while you are planning for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek and I hope that it will benefit you during the trip.