Things to do in Kaziranga

Kaziranga national park is visually a beautiful wildlife sanctuary to witness in the state of Assam. This park is a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty and the moment you enter this mesmerizing location you are going to perceive an uninterrupted and peaceful environment. Its beauty is totally hypnotizing and from the start of your excursion, you are going to lose your rationality. You are going to enjoy the excursion of Kaziranga National Park at the topmost level if you visit it with a group of friends. Kaziranga is referred to as the best wildlife sanctuary in India due to its quality like serving the largest population of one Horned-rhinoceros. It serves about two-thirds of the total population in the world. The beauty of this national park is really impossible to explain in words. Within the park, travelers can opt for a safari and go deep inside the jungle. Kaziranga is the best place to observe wildlife in its natural state. The uninterrupted and beautiful landscape of Kaziranga provides its travelers with peaceful vibes. According to a rhino census, it is believed that the total number of one-horned rhinoceros inside the national park is about 2,413. If you are an adventurous enthusiast then you will not be disappointed because apart from the rhinoceros it also serves many endangered species like the royal Bengal tigers, swamp deer, Indian leopards, wild buffalos, and many more. Apart from animals that live on the ground travelers to Kaziranga national park can also observe some reptiles like King Cobra, Indian Python, and rock python. If you visit this majestic National park during the winter months then you are going to witness some migratory birds too like black-nested lesser adjutant, greater adjutant, black-necked stork, Asian openbill, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions about things to do in Kaziranga

1. What makes the Kaziranga National Park famous all over the world?

Kaziranga National Park is referred to as the location in India which serves the highest number of inhabitants of one-horned rhinoceros in the world. It has nearly 66 percent of the total inhabitants of the Rhinoceros along with beast creatures like tigers, leopards, wild buffalos, and Asian Elephants. Many tourists used to visit the location from many countries to observe the greatest population of the one-horned Rhinoceros. It is the only wildlife sanctuary that receives the highest amount of tourists every year in the northeastern region.

2. Best time to visit the location of Kaziranga National Park?

The finest time to visit the location of Kazirnag is the winter months because during this period of time the temperature inside the Kaziranga National Park remains very pleasant. Even a traveler can perceive animals in every zone as the heat intensity during this time helps animals to keep themselves hydrated. But in the summer months, you will be able to witness animals only near water bodies.

3. How many zones are there inside the Kaziranga?

Within the Kaziranga region, a traveler can observe four zones and they are the Central Zone (Kohara), the Western Zone (Bagori), the Eastern Zone (Agaratoli), and the Ghorakati Zone (Burapahar). Out of these four zones, The central Zone and Western Zone of Kaziranga are referred to as the most preferred zones

4. Which safari is best inside the Kaziranga?

Inside the national park, travelers can find two types of safari only, jeep safari and elephant safari. Both these safaris are comfortable and used to indulge in wildlife excursion activities inside the park. If you want to observe prime animals of Kaziranga from proximity then an elephants safari is best as the other animals of the Jungle feel scared on visiting near these giants. But if you want to explore all the zones of Kaziranga in a given time period then jeep safari is best

5. Some points to remember before visiting Kaziranga?

Before visiting the park a traveler must wear clothes whose colors are jungle-friendly because clothes with a high focal length attract animals towards it. When you are inside the park do not try to feed any gentle animal because it will make that animal follow your safari. Which thereafter may lead to serious consciousness.

6. Can we carry plastic bags inside the Kaziranga?

No, Kaziranga National Park is a nature-friendly park so carrying plastic bags, thermal bottles, chip packets, etc is an offense inside the park. You will be charged a sum of rupees as a fine if you are found carrying any of these items. But you can carry water bottles that you used at home for carrying drinking water if you feel thirsty every now and then.

7. How many months does Kaziranga National Park remain open?

Kaziranga National Park remains open for six months every year, from the first of November till the thirtieth of April it remains open completely. But during the months of September and October, it remains partially open. This means you can explore only one or two zones during the month of September and October.

8. Can we stay inside the Kaziranga National Park?

It is true that travelers always desire to stay overnight inside a wildlife sanctuary. But inside the Kaziranga National Park, you will not be able to stay overnight. Nevertheless, near its central and western zone, some resorts and hotels are built where travelers can enjoy the peace and calmness of the wilderness by staying overnight.

9. Is Kaziranga safe for an excursion activity?

Yes, it is totally safe, the only thing a traveler has to do is listen to the guides and mahout, with whom they are doing the excursion of Kaziranga. Whenever you want to get down from your safari then you must ask your guide or Mahout. If they allow you to get down then only you get down from your safari. Because they know which zone and which portion is safe to get down from the safari.

10. How to reach the loaction of Kaziranga?

The nearest airport to Kaziranga National Park is Jorhat Airport. It is about 96 kilometers from the location. Apart from this Airport travelers have one more airport which has numerous connectivity by the name Guwahati international airport. It is located at a distance of 140 kilometers from Kaziranga. From both, airport cabs are available that can transport travelers to Kaziranga.
If you are traveling by train then there are two railheads near the location of Kaziranga and they are Furkating railway station and Guwahati railhead. Out which Furkating railhead is the closest Railway station to Kaziranga national park.