Things to do in Jowai

Jowai is referred to as the uppermost trading center of Meghalaya, it is located in the northeastern region of India. With reference to time, this mesmerizing town is now a major educational hub as it receives students from Bangladesh and neighboring states at a large number. The town of Jowai is provided with numerous scenic vistas by nature because it is situated at a great altitude. It is at a height of 1,380 meters above sea level. It is bordered by a river—Myntdu from three of its side which supplies chilly water throughout the year. During the summer times, the water of this river is quite pleasing due to its chillness. But during the winter months, it’s completely chilly. A traveler of Jowai can witness a green and eye-soothing environment in every season as it remains green around the year. Jowai is located in Meghalaya where after visiting a traveler will confuse him/herself that what to explore and what not. So, to ease the uncertainty some of the well-known places of Jowai are described below.

Frequently Asked Questions about things to do in Jowai

1. What makes Jowai a special place?

Jowai is an extremely beautiful and delicate location in the state of Meghalaya. It is situated in the West Jaintia Hills of Meghlaya. It is also referred to as the heart of the state. It is surrounded by a river from its three sides. Which enhances the beauty of this mesmerizing town a lot.

2. Things to buy from Jowai as mementos?

Whenever we visit a tourist attraction, we try to collect some kinds of materials as mementos of that place while leaving the location. Similarly in Jowai travelers can buy multiple items as mementos because the regional people of this lush green town are excellent at making small-small handicrafts, handlooms, traditional clothes, and handmade tools. Apart from these stuffs, travelers can also buy some edible items like spices, tea leaves, local fruits, and pickles.

3. Name some adventure sports of Jowai.?

If you like outdoor sports then Jowai is a location in Meghalaya which is not going to disappoint you. As it is full of outdoor activities. Some of the best outdoor sports to perform in Jowai are named below.

4. Places to visit in jowai?

Within the region or around Jowai travelers can spot many beautiful locations. The tourist attractions of Jowai are really unable to be explained. Their real beauty can only be observed by witnessing it with your own eyes. Some of the best sites of Jowai are mentioned below.
Syntu Ksiar
Tyrshi Falls
Lalong Park
Thadlaskein Lake
Nartiang Monoliths

5. Name some of the best hotels and resorts.?

If you are planning a trip to Jowai then you are not going to face any problems in terms of staying in jowai as it has many resorts and hotels for its travelers. Some well-known restaurants are named below where a visitor to Jowai can have a comfortable stay.
Tista Guest House & Restaurant
Saral Adventure Resort
Wahi Inn Restuarant
New Broadway Hotel

6. Fastest way to reach Jowai?

The fastest way to arrive at the location of Jowai is by air but regrettably, it does not have an airport. The closest airport to this location is located at a distance of 72 kilometers, near the capital city of Meghalaya. This airport has good connectivity with two major cities of India and they are Imphal and Kolkata.

7. How to communicate in Jowai?

Jowai is a town that belongs to Meghalaya, and the second most spoken language of this beautiful state is English. Therefore, travelers to Jowai will not be going to face any difficulties in terms of communication. Though the regional language of Jowai is Khasi nevertheless the locals are even familiar with Hindi.

8. It is safe for visiting?

Yes, Jowai is a safe place for travelers, it is so safe that a solo woman can travel and explore all the tourist attractions of Jowai. Jowai belongs to Meghalaya which compared to any other state of the northeast has an extremely low crime rate.