Tawang Trekking Tour Packages

Tawang is one of the most highly sensitive areas in India and is always being closely watched by the Indian Army. It is located in the North Eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and borders Tibet to the North, Bhutan to the West, and the Sela Range to the East. The town, which is torn between political and national lines, has an intriguing history. It was previously a part of Tibet province in China and was taken by the British Army during their colonial reign in India in order to gain control of the North East area. Tawang became part of Indian Territory when the British withdrew in 1947, but the Chinese had their eyes on it the entire time. Chinese forces attempted to retake the area in 1962 but were defeated by gallant Indian soldiers. The region is still up for debate, with China maintaining its claim to it as its own. Without being specific, visiting Tawang necessitates obtaining inner line permission for Indian citizens and a protected area permit for international visitors. From the office of the Deputy Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh, these permissions may be efficiently arranged.

Weather Information for planning Tawang Tour

December-FebruaryWinter4°C to 22°C
March-AprilSpring11°C to 25°C
May-JuneSummer10°C to 31°C
July-SeptemberMonsoon19°C to 34°C
October-NovemberAutumn20°C to 31°C

Tawang Important Travel Routes

Tawang to Dirang4 hr 11 min (134.5 km) via NH13
Tawang to Bomdila5 hr 21 min (176.7 km) via NH13
Tawang to Guwahati12 hr 33 min (439.9 km) via NH13
Tawang to Kaziranga11 hr 16 min (414.1 km) via NH13
Tawang to Itanagar12 hr 18 min (446.7 km) via NH13
Tawang to Shillong14 hr 53 min (566.7 km) via NH13
Tawang to Cherrapunji16 hr 25 min (615.3 km) via NH13

Frequently Asked Questions About Tawang Tour

1. Briefly describe the suitable hour to visit Tawang for hiking?

Hottest months of the year are referred to as the best time period when you can visit Tawang for trekking and hiking purposes. Because it also offers lots of other sports like trekking, kayaking, river rafting, mountain biking and many more apart from hiking /trekking that you can perform nicely only in the summer season.

2. Fastest way to stick out this Orchid State of India?

The nearest airfields to the astonishing state are Lilabari Airport and Guwahati International Airport. Out of these two airports Lilabari airfield is referred to as the closest airfield to Itanagar the capital city of Arunachal. The required distance between Lilabari to Itanagar is 72 km.

3. Best places to do shopping in Tawang?

In Tawang you can find multiple places where you can get almost all your necessary commodities and stuff that you need in your daily life.
Dondrub Enterprises
Tashi General store/ grocery store Tawang
M/s Himalayan Store
Monyul Gift Corner
T-Family fashion shop

4. For hiking/trekking purposes, is visiting Tawang worthy?

Yes, for trekking Tawang is referred to as the best site in the northeastern part of India. Because while trekking/hiking you can witness some of the best scenic vistas of Tawang which makes it more than worthwhile. Few well known treks where you can witness picturesque vistas are Thembang to Nuranang falls via Tse La, Kudung to Thonlgeng via Thangafay.

5. Mention some popular places to visit in Tawang?

Some well known places of Tawang are listed below. That you should not miss at any additional cost if you are in Tawang. 
Sela Pass. 
Mechuka Valley. 
Bumla Pass.
Pangsau Pass.
Madhuri Lake. 
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary
Mehao Lake. 
Mayodia Pass.

6. Apart from trekking/hiking list some other sports of Tawang?

Twang has lots of activities for its visitors and if you love adventure then you are going to enjoy your trekking trip to Tawang at its utmost level. Some other adrenaline activities of Tawang are mountain biking, river rafting, boating, rock climbing and many more.

7. Is there any other season, apart from summer when I can visit Arunachal?

Twang is a place where you can visit all round the year. The best part of this site is that no season is superior to any other season. No matter what time you are planning to visit it, you are simply going to enjoy it.  Winter is referred to as the second best time because during this time you can observe thick blanket-like layers on every peak. You can also perform some snow sports like skiing, skating, snow crawling, snow gliding, bonfire and many more.

8. For visiting Tawang, Do I need a pass?

Tawang belongs to a state of India called Arunachal Pradesh. Which shares its borders with three neighbouring countries like China, Bhutan, and Myanmar. This is the only reason why you need a pass. If you are an Indian national then you will be needing an ILP pass and if you belong to a foreign national then you have to obtain a PAP pass before entering it.

9. Where can I find Tawang on a map?

Tawang is an amazing site of Arunachal Pradesh which is located in the northeast part of India. This Orchid state of India also shares its borders with three neighbouring countries like China from the north, Bhutan from the west and Mayanmar from the east.

10. Applying online for an Inner Line Permit of Tawang is possible?

Yes, applying for its pass online is possible, you have to visit www.arunachal ilp.com. Here you have to fill the form and upload all the necessary documents by scanning along with recent passport size photographs.

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