Shillong is popularly known as the fashion capital of the North East and as such it becomes interesting to observe the lengths to which the youth and the “not so young” in Shillong go to acquire and sustain their “fashionable” image. Bridge Textiles!!! Shopping in Shillong can be a great experience if you know the right places and the right things to buy. Ethnic handicrafts, beautiful handlooms, luscious fruits and spices, handmade organic products, winter wear and fashion apparel and accessories are just some of the things you can buy from Shillong, the “Scotland of the East”. There are amazing shopping hubs in Shillong like Police Bazaar, Bara Bazaar and Bhutia Market which can meet your shopping requirements. It is important to understand that most small scale shops in Shillong do not take cards so keep plenty of cash in hand.


Police Bazaar is probably the most famous shopping destination in Shillong and it would be a great start of your market tour here. It is the primary urban market of Shillong where people of Shillong City do Shopping for their clothes and other lifestyle products. It is called police bazaar as at its starting point there is a Traffic Police Box where the traffic police stand and maintain the traffic. This is essentially the main cloth market. If you are feeling the chill of winter, I would highly recommend you to stock up winter clothes by purchasing fashionable jackets and sweaters from here! In Police Bazaar, you will find everything from hats, coats, fluffy pajamas, gloves, etc.


Although Police Bazaar is the most popular market for the urban population, Bara Bazaar is truly the main market where you can buy local and traditional hand-made Khasi products like handwoven shawls, hand-made knives, Coal Stoves, etc. You can also purchase some local fruits like Sohphlang, which is eaten raw with salt and is very tasty. Local Jeweleries are also sold here at cheap rates. You can also purchase local betel nut and leaves (Pan) from here. Pepper and turmeric of Barabazar are of very good quality specially Jowai Turmeric (Jowai Haldi).BaraBazar which is also known as Iewduh. It is one of the oldest traditional marketplace and largest trade centers in entire Northeast India.



Bhutia Market in Shillong is one of the most popular marketing shopping spots of Shillong and as it is populated by shopkeepers of Tibetan origin this market is called Bhutia Market. The market mostly deals with Garments. The Bhutia Market is the perfect place to buy woolen clothes in Shillong You will find various collections of fashionable sweaters, jackets, shawls, stoles, kid’s winter clothes, etc. All kinds of latest fashion apparel and footwear along with accessories are available in the Bhutia Market. Generally, garments sold here, especially the winter clothes, last for years, have good design and are quite affordable. Prices can be haggled down more lower if you employ your bargaining skills properly. Once you get tired after the shopping, hop into the nearby stalls for munching momos, Chinese Bhel (a must-try in Shillong), sandwiches and tea/ coffee.

If you have been to other Bhutia Markets in India, then you won’t find anything novel about Shillong’s version of it.


A second-hand clothes market (Used Clothes Market) opens every Sunday at Barabazar (Iewduh). Huge lines of shops line both sides of the lane. Most of the stuff comes from western countries and the products are second hand. Most people buy Jackets and Sweaters from this market. The market is jam-packed with customers and the prices are cheapest. You will surely find the experience intriguing.