Shillong in Monsoon

Often referred to as the “Scotland of East”, Shillong experiences completely different varieties of weather when compared to the other parts of India. Moreover, irrespective of the season, the rain does not seem to leave at any cost, once it decides to put up a show on a certain day. When it comes to the monsoon days, each and every natural waterbody, stream, and falls stay in their best shape to welcome you with its gorgeous appeal!
The colonial ambience in Shillong has remained intact even today which increases the charm of the place immensely. Simultaneously, the elegant architectural designs and cultural traditions are coexisting together here in their own unique way. You can just imagine the beauty and enchantment of Shillong but you can’t really feel the real vibe until you grab the opportunity to visit here soon enough.
When it comes to touring Shillong during the rainy season, the city witnesses the least number of tourists during the month of July as the whole place gets hit with non-stop heavy rainfall. It often leads to road blockages and landslides and that is why a majority of the visitors try to avoid this time of the year.
Nevertheless, if you are willing to sit in your hotel room and enjoy the rejuvenating weather and endless downpour, visiting at the end of June or at any point in July will be more than ideal. Besides that, the hills, rivers, cascades, and the whole town looks extremely attractive and the greenest for all throughout the monsoon days.
However, it is better to opt for visiting at the end of August or September, if you are willing to experience the rain and explore the whole city and the outskirts in their best possible form. The thrill of sightseeing increases a lot more at this time due to the vibrant colours of nature accompanied by the heavy fluffy clouds covering the whole sky. There are a number of things that you should surely explore if you are visiting Shillong during the rainy days.

Here are some of the best things you should definitely opt for if you are willing to have a magical encounter from your Shillong trip in the monsoon!

Explore through the various lakes and waterfalls of the city

The continuous downpour does not really ruin your trip planning much. Moreover, it will add an adventurous touch to the entire journey. The scenery of this hill station looks the most appealing during the monsoon days. The lakes, waterfalls, streams, and every other water body are found in their most desirable attire and if you are a pluviophile or a nature lover, it is definitely going to mesmerize your soul immensely.
Start with the gorgeous man-made Umiam lake built in the 1960s, and then visit Ward’s Lake which is also known as the Nan-Polok and was built during the colonial period. Relish the scenic beauty of these places as the landscapes and picturesque views look extra spectacular during this time of the year.
Besides the lakes, Shillong is also home to a number of rivers and streams among which the Umngot is one of the most popular ones for its crystal clear water. Even though you won’t get the opportunity to witness the clear water during the monsoon months, you will definitely be able to see the river in its best mood.
The waterfalls and cascades look magnificent and enchanting too during this particular season. It is a completely distinct excitement to witness the huge range of waterfalls of Shillong in their most attractive state. From the Elephant falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls to the grand Krang Suri Falls, each and every waterfall looks extremely majestic and mystical during the rainy season. It will definitely make your trip to be an extra memorable one with its sumptuous form and ecstatic beauty.

Admire the traditions and give a visit to the churches and mosques

Even though most of the Khasi tribals are Christian, Shillong is home to people of all religions. The Grand Madina Masjid and Mary Help of Christians Cathedral, both of these sacred places are remarkably stunning and are treated as important tourist destinations in the city.
The Madina Mosque is famous for being the largest one in the whole of Northeast India. It is also the first and only glass mosque in the entire country. You will be awestruck while observing the architectural designs of its glass minarets and domes.
You will feel compelled to admire the place more when you will learn that it has an in-house orphanage, a library along with an Islamic theological institute, all under the same roof. This unique piece of beauty is also popular for having a separate hall for women so that they can offer their prayer too.
On the other hand, being one of the largest churches in Asia, the Mary Help of Christians Cathedral is one of the most exquisite churches in the Northeastern states, founded in the year of 1936. The modern architectural designs and the quietness of the place are pretty much alluring enough to attract tourists from all around the country.

Explore the museums and learn about the various cultural histories of this hill station

Shillong boasts of rich cultural background and has a number of museums that have been preserving the artefacts, artworks, paintings, and other accessories possessing historical importance. The Don Bosco Museum and Captain Williamson Sangma State Museum will give you a complete insight into the lifestyle and customs of the tribals living in the North-Eastern states.
The Air-force museum located in the headquarters of the Eastern Command of the Indian Air Force showcases the historical evidence behind the varieties of planes as well as the facts on how India got its independence.
The Ever-Living Museum on the other hand is a privately owned one that is well-known for being the only ethnographic museum of the state. Also, if you are a fan of flora and fauna, give a visit to the Butterfly Museum which is dedicated completely to the study of moths and butterflies.

Adore the beauty of nature with a visit to the Laitlum Canyon

If you are willing to hike up to this elegant valley, it is advisable to visit during the end of the monsoon months. It can end up being quite dangerous and risky to trek through the misty hills on days of heavy downpour.
Laitlum Canyon became highly well-known among the trekkers quite recently because of its craze in the virtual world and people from all around the country started noticing and admiring its pictures over the Internet. Moreover, the tourists these days, do love to give a visit to this place and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the landscapes and green valleys of Shillong.
The view over the unending stretches of the canyon looks quite alluring and it often feels like the end of the world with a green misty ambience. Just sit there on the green grass for a while and enjoy the free flow of the clouds while the breeze brushes over your face.

Try out your hands in shopping from the Bara Bazaar

Often referred to as the Iewduh bazaar, it is one of the oldest and biggest trade centres in the Northeastern part of India. You just need to have a stronghold over your haggling skills. That is the only key which will let you get a varied range of quality items at a fair price.
Most of the natives depend on this local bazaar for getting their daily things. From local handicrafts, clothes to spices, fruits, and vegetables, all of them are available here within a small location. You can also buy something as a token of your trip which will make you recall this enchanting trip repeatedly.

Relish some quality time in the Mawphanlur Day Tour

This beautiful village of Meghalaya looks quite alike to those paintings of small lakes scattered around valleys enriched with greenery. Once you get into the village, the refreshing ambience of the grasslands, lakes, and valleys will melt your heart totally. Upon that, the bamboo bridges and small houses seem to steal the show completely.
Each of the small hills and ravines looks so captivating that you won’t feel to stop jumping from one another until you end up losing your breath. Far away from the hustle of the city, this elegant paradise will boost up your energy perfectly. There are also a certain number of cottages where you can stay overnight and opt for stargazing, maybe when you don’t choose to visit during the monsoon season.

Traverse through the Mawsynram village

The monsoon of Shillong is already well-known for increasing the freshness and beauty of the hill station. However, visiting the wettest place in the world during the rainy days is going to be one heck of an adventure. At times, the rain and thunderstorms are so dominant here, that the tiny village huts need to use thick grass for sound-proofing and protecting their homes. Just spend a night in this village and observe how the locals spend their complete lives without getting to see the sun for the utmost time of the year.
But do not get lost in the rejuvenating beauty of the village as there is still a lot which you should explore here. From the magnificent Nohkalikai waterfalls, Mawsmai Falls to the divine Mawsmai Caves of the Khasis, each and every destination seems to be in its best mood during the monsoon period. Enjoy the whole trip to the fullest and go back home with a bag full of memories to savour endlessly.