Shillong Honeymoon Packages

Travenjo provides the best, unique and handpicked Shillong Honeymoon Packages. When it comes to a honeymoon trip Shillong is one of the most sought for destination due to its splendid natural beauty and spectacular hills. Shillong Honeymoon Tour will be ideal for newlyweds enabling them to spend their precious moment amidst nature. Romantic as well as Adventurous Shillong Honeymoon Packages are provided by us with flexibility of tour customization which means you can modify your Shillong Honeymoon Tour as per your own convenience. The beautiful places that you will be visiting while in our Shillong Honey Package will definitely make your honeymoon memorable. Some of the major places include:

  • Krangsuri Falls
  • Umiam Lake
  • Seven Sister Falls
  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Shillong Peak
  • Living Root Bridge of the Riwai Village
  • Cleanest Village of Mawlynnong Village
  • Dawki River
  • Shnongpdeng Village for its river beach and adventure activities
Popular Shillong Honeymoon Packages
Featured PackageDurationPriceInclusions
3 Nights 4 Days Shillong Cherrapunjee and Mawlynnong4D/3N 11,250/-Accommodations, Breakfast, TransportationView Details
Splendid Trip Of Assam & Meghalaya4D/3N 9,400/-Accommodations, Breakfast, TransportationView Details
Exotic Meghalaya 6 Days Package6D/5N 16,550/-Accommodations, Breakfast, TransportationView Details
Hidden Meghalaya Trip

Shillong Honeymoon Trip


Places: Shillong(2N)

Activities: Sightseeing

Accommodation: 3 Star() / Standard

Starting From 9,150(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

4 Nights 5 Days Trip to Meghalaya

Hidden Meghalaya Trip


Places: Shillong, Krangsuri, Nartiang Village

Activities: Sightseeing

Accommodation: 3 Star() / Standard

Starting From 8,550(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

Cherrapunjee & Shillong Weekend Package

Adventurous Meghalaya Honeymoon Tour


Places: Shillong(2N), Shnongpdeng(1N), Guwahati(1N)

Activities: Sightseeing and Camping

Accommodation: 3 Star() / Standard

Starting From 11,500(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

Mystic Meghalaya Tour

Romantic Shillong Cherrapunji Honeymoon Package


Places: Shillong(2N), Cherrapunjee(3N)

Activities: Sightseeing

Accommodation: 3 Star() / Standard

Starting From 17,600(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

4 Nights 5 Days Cherrapunjee Nongkhnum Mawlynnong Dawki Tour

6 Days Shillong Holiday Package


Places: Shillong(4N), Cherrapunjee(1N)

Activities: Sightseeing, Trekking and Caving

Accommodation: 3 Star() / Standard

Starting From 17,100(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

Splendid Trip Of Assam & Meghalaya

Pleasant Shillong Honeymoon Tour 7 Days 6 Nights


Places: Guwahati(1N), Shillong(3N), Cherrapunjee(2N)

Activities: Sightseeing

Accommodation: 3 Star() / Standard

Starting From 18,900(Per Person on twin sharing basis)


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Rishi Palan

“Great service overall, from the time I started planning the trip a month in advance to the actual trip. Tarique, the owner, is always available and prompt to respond on call and whatsapp…”

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Noushad Thankayathil

“Entire trip was awesome with taxi booked via travenjo. Jyothy and his Innova was truly 6 star service. We had an amazing trip in Meghalaya.”

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Sudhir Tandon

“Great ride. Hired a Cab from Travenjo, picked me up from Guwahati and was with me for 8 days, covering Meghalaya and Kaziranga. Sandeep the driver was knowledgeable, a safe driver and always on time. A very responsive team.”

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FAQ about Shillong Honeymoon Packages

1. Which is the best season to visit Shillong for Honeymoon Tour?

Well, it depends on your interest.
If you are fond of lush greenery and nature then it will be at its charm and beauty during the monsoon as Shillong has the most pleasant weather at this time. The waterfalls and the scenic greenery gives a spectacular view of the area.
If you love to do adventure activities then winters are ideal for the same as water activities are performed at this time. Further rivers are very clean, specially the crystal clear dawki lake where boating during this time will be a lifetime experience.
Shillong’s average annual temperature is 17°C.

2. What are the best Sightseeing Places in Shillong for Honeymoon Couple?

There are many sightseeing places in Shillong and outskirts for honeymoon couple, which includes –
Umiam Lake
Ward’s Lake
Shillong Peak
Elephant Falls etc.
Cherrapunjee:- Famous for being one of the rainiest places on Earth.
Mawlynnong Village:- It is a clean village in Meghalaya which was awarded as ‘Cleanest Village in Asia’ in the year 2003. It has a Living Root Bridge which is also a famous Sightseeing Place.
Dawki Lake:- The famous clean and crystal clear lake.

3. What are the best adventurous activities that can be done during Shillong Honeymoon Tour?

There are various activities that can be done during Shillong Honeymoon Tour.
Kayaking – Kayaking can done in Umiam Lake and Dawki River.
Trekking – The best spots for Trekking are David Scott Trail, Trekking at Double Decker Bridge, and Scariest Trekking at Mawryngkhang.
Boating – Boating can be done at various places like Umiam Lake, Ward’s Lake, Mawlyngbna, Dawki, Krangsuri and other places. However the best boating experience is boating in the crystal clear Umngot River in Dawki.
Camping – There are different camp sites where camping can be done like Cherrapunjee, Mawlyngbna and Dawki but the famous camping site is at the bank of Dawki River. Overnight camping at Dawki is an awesome experience for adventure lovers.
River Canyoning – It can be done in Cherrapunjee. It is one of the finest activities performed where you will dip in waist-deep water, swim across pools and climb over big boulders.
Caving – Cave explorers can visit Mawsmai Cave, Krem Puri Cave and Arwah Cave which are unique caves of Meghalaya.
Zip Lining – The thrilling zip-lining activity can be done in Mawkdok Dympep Valley while on the way to Cherrapunjee witnessing the lush green rolling hills.
Snorkeling – During Meghalaya Tour Snorkeling can be performed in the crystal clear fresh water of Dawki. Required accessories are provided for performing the activities.
Scuba Diving – Presently in Meghalaya, Scuba Diving is available only in Shnongpdeng River near Dawki. It is an experience of a lifetime.

4. What are the villages to visit for experiencing exotic rural life during Shillong Honeymoon Trip?

While on your trip you can visit:
Shnongpdeng Village known for its clean river and Camping.
Kongthong Village – Whistling Village of India.
Umden Village –famous for its Eri Silk production and traditional handlooms like ryndia.
Mawlynnong Village-Awarded as the Cleanest Village of Asia in the year 2003.

5. Which are the best markets for shopping in Shillong?

There are different markets for shopping in Shillong and you can find wide range of products from traditional handicrafts to western fashion outfits and from local spices to pure honeys. Popular shopping outlets in Shillong includes:
Bara Bazaar (Iewduh)
Meghalaya Emporium
Police Bazaar
Glory Plaza
Bhutia Market
Khasi Emporium

6. Which are the best restaurants to visit in Shillong?

Restaurants in Shillong offer multiple cuisines at reasonable rates. It is famous for its Chinese Cuisine. Some of the best restaurants of Shillong are:
City Hut Dhaba, Shillong
Eden Restaurant, Shillong
Mango Tree, Shillong
Lamee, Sillong

7. What are the famous waterfalls and Lakes to visit during a honeymoon trip in Shillong?

Being known as the Scotland of the East is gifted with various breathtaking waterfalls gushing down the magnificent hills and beautiful lakes. Some of the spectacular waterfalls and magnificent lakes which are worth to visit in Meghalaya are:
Elephant Falls
Weisawdong Falls
Seven Sisters Falls
Dainthlen falls
Nokalikai Falls
Wards Lake
Umiam Lake
Thadlaskein Lake

8. Which are the best trekking spots in and around Shillong?

There are many trekking spots in Meghalaya which includes:
Mawryngkhang Trek (The Scariest Trek in Meghalaya)
Double Decker Trek in Nongriat Village
Shnongpdeng Trek
David Scott Trail, Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang

9. What are the Best Things To Do for a honeymoon couple during Shillong Honeymoon Trip?

Following are the Best Things to Do:-
Kongthong Village Tour
Camping at Shnongpdeng Riverside
Kayaking and Boating at Umiam and Dawki
Scuba Diving at Dawki Shnongpdeng
Trekking at the Doube Decker Root Bridge
Zip-Lining at Mawkdok Dympep Valley
Mawlyngbna Day Tour

10. What are the important recommendations for travelers during the Shillong Honeymoon Tour?

Shillong is hill station and as such you should carry warm clothes and during the monsoon season rainfall is regular, so travelers are advised to keep umbrellas or raincoats.
Wear good quality shoes which are ideal for trekking as Tour in Shillong involves trekking at various places and some places are slippery during monsoon.

11. What are the products that we can buy from Shillong?

There are various products and items that you can buy from Shillong which includes:
Traditional Handicrafts,
Handloom items of Northeast,
Western Fashions outfits etc.
Unique Local Fruits.
Wooden and Bamboo products like small decorative wooden products, furniture and sofa made of bamboo, etc.