Umngot River

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Have you ever imagined yourself being in a scenario; a cool and calm hill station the cool breeze cuddling with pine trees and its fragile branches, mountains standing with their head held high seems like they are touching the skies, small and big streams playing and floating peacefully in the lap of Mother nature. A place with breathtaking views whichever direction you look and fairyland like river with crystal clear transparent water where you can see the river bed from its surface. Isn’t it amazing? Feels like Mother Nature herself healing us and carrying away all our worries along with her gentle breeze.

So if you’re imagining for being in such a place and mesmerize yourself, Umngot river in Dawki Meghalaya is the best option where you can actually live your imagination. Dawki is a small town located in the Jaintia Hills district of India’s  North Eastern state of Meghalaya. It shares international boundary with the country Bangladesh. It must be noted that this town is very much famous among travelers because of it river Umngot . The captivating sight is of the greenery of the hills near the river and one can easily see that the these the rising sun is give a glowing effect to these hills from background.

Photo of Umngot River

Dawki and Mawlynong Day Tour

Dawki river or called by its local name (U Wah Umngot) is famous for the transparency of its water; if anyone goes for boating in the river he can see the river bed from its surface. This pristine and clear watered river has a suspension bridge over it for transportation .It was constructed by the British in the year 1932. When visitors stands on the bridge they can see fishermen fishing sitting on the banks of the rivers and its quite interesting to see a crowd of fishermen almost fishing for the fishes which are caught in the net.

Every year thousands of visitors from across the globe come here to rejoice themselves with the beauty of the river and breathtaking views nearby and enjoying boat rides. This place is crowded with tourist almost every season however in spring season the pour in of tourist is more. Sometimes boat riding competition are also organized where winner are prized with cash money and sometimes with fishes caught. One must go on a trip to this place at least once in a lifetime.

It’s worth noting the fact that this river builds up a innate boundary between two hills district of Meghalaya one being the Jaintia Hills (Ri pnar: local jaintia language for jaintia hills)and other being the Khasi hills (Hima Khyrim:local khasi language denoting the khasi hills) additionally, this river also help in building a natural one of the international boundary between India (Meghalaya) and Bangladesh Indo-Bangladesh borders.


One more interesting fact about Dawki and its river is that, one can feel being in the two different countries at the same time; and yes its true. Bangladesh border is very near to this river and its bank at some places we can even walk to the international border and one can find our brave BSF jawans guarding the borderand doing their general duty.

Dawki River

This river acts as a boon to the local fishermen, to be noted Meghalaya primarily depends on agriculture and poor people earns from it. So, even in Dawki these poor fishermen earn their living by selling the fishes in local area ,Shillong main city as well as neighbouring country Bangladesh; which they have fished from the river.

The captivating sight is of the greenery of the hills near the river and one can easily see that the these the rising sun is give a glowing effect to these hills from background.

How to reach Umngot River?

  • Shared maxi cab transport facility is available from Iewduh (barabazaar) Shillong to the border post at Dawki every morning.
  • Buses are also available for the 70 kilometres journey from jeep stand Garikhana Shillong.

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