Umananda Island

Assam really has many tourist spots. Umananda Island is the smallest occupied river island in the whole world. It’s in the middle of the river Brahmaputra which flows through the city of Guwahati, Assam. The name is derived from the Assamese word “uma” which is another name for Hindu goddess Parvati , wife of lord shiva. It’s also known as the Peacock island , the name was given by a British Officer because of the shape and structure of this island which looks like a Peacock spreading its feathers. It’s an amazing place for people with adventurous and religious interests.
It’s a beautiful place and many people come here for enjoying their time. The main attraction of this place is the shiv temple named Umananda temple. Along with the shiv temple here lies a lot of golden langurs who live here which are endangered species of primate. It is a beautiful Island to visit.

Religious Beliefs :

The Hindu mythology says that the Umananda island was created by Lord Shiva for the happiness of his wife Parvati. People also say that lord shiva used to reside here in the form of Bhayananda. Past stories about Umananda Island also says that Shiva burnt Kamadeva with his eye because Kamadeva interrupted him during his deep meditation. Due to this the Umananda island is also called the Bhasmachal. The temple displays the Assamese craftings of Ganesha , Parvati , Vishunu and other Hindu gods and goddesses.

History of the place :

In 1897 an earthquake hit the island because of which the temple was damaged badly. Later it was repaired and some new Scripts were written on the walls.

Festivals and Biodiversity :

The most important festival celebrated in Umananda temple is the Mahashivratri. Monday is said to be the holiest day of the week. It was the place for the endangered species golden langur which was introduced here in 1980 and the last one died in 2020.

Timings :

The timing of the Umananda temple is from 5:30 in the morning to 6:00 in evening on all days of the week.

Things to do nearby Umananda Island :

Rock Climbing:
People enjoy rock climbing in the Assam Zoo which is just 6 km away from Umananda Island. Exploring artificial rock climbing is a really great thing. It takes an hour to do rock climbing which is a great test of your physical strengths. You can have the amazing scenario of the zoo and wildlife from the peak point of the rock climbing.

Amsoi Waterfall :
Nagaon is a medium sized village which is around 95 km away from the Umananda Island where the Amsoi Waterfall is situated. People visit this place for having a great view of the beautiful waterfalls and nature as it is surrounded by forests which makes it much prettier and awesome. You can also enjoy the sport called rappelling in which you have to come down with the waterfall.

Joomering :
People who love climbing mountains then Joomering is the thing you will definitely enjoy. It’s an adventurous sport in which you have to climb a mountain or treetop with the help of ropes and stone clamps. Proper safety and measures are taken so that nobody faces any difficulty while doing it. This activity can be done with family , in group and even individually.

Elephant Rides :
Elephant Rides are one of the most exciting activities you can do in this region. It’s great for exploring the amazing forests of Umananda islands. It gives a good experience to the tourists as you can watch the world from top of a giant mammal. Take amazing pictures , with a tourist guide who knows everything about the jungles and share the information with you. Its a good place for experiencing and learning.

Water Zorbing :
The most amazing thing to do in Umananda is the water zorbing. In water zorbing you are kept in a giant bubble and it’s rolled down the hill in the pool although you don’t get wet and all thanks to the bubble. It’s an interesting activity you can enjoy and it’s really fun to do. Come here along with your family and friends to have a fun time.

Nearby places to visit Umananda Island :

If you are here for a long vacation then you must visit the following places mentioned below:
•Assam State Museum
•Navagraha Temple
•Guwahati Planetarium
•Nehru Park
•Kamakhya Temple

1. How to reach this island?

The island can be reached by following different ways that are given below :
Air :
The closest Airport to Umananda island is Guwahati and you can reach the island by taking a cab from the Airport which is 22 km away. Air India , Indigo , GoAir , Air Asia and Vistara are several flights that operate on this route.
Railways :
Guwahati railway station is the nearest railway station to the island. Take a cab from here to reach your destination place of Umananda Island.
Road :
You can also reach the place through roadways and you have an option of either taking a private bus or taking a cab as the roads of Guwahati have a great road connectivity.
Ferry :
Waterways are also available to reach the islands which also connect to the city of tezpur ,Dibugarh and Kaziranga. To reach here through this route you have to take a cab or bus for the Kazari Ghat and then you can cover the remaining path through a ferry.

2. What’s the best time period to visit Umananda Island?

The best time period to visit the islands of Umananda is between October to April. It’s the time when most visitors come here.

3. Are there Restaurants nearby?

Yes there are good and cheap Restaurants with some delicious Assamese food.

Umananda is a beautiful place with alot of interesting activities to perform and with pretty places nearby. It’s a religious place and you must visit it to calm your mind. It’s the best place for people with religious beliefs , Wildlife and nature. You can visit here with your full family , friends and alone as well. It’s an amazing tourist place and everyone should explore this beautiful small island. It’s small in size but still a great place. It’s a super relaxing place.We recommend you to visit this place once and we guarantee you that you will learn new things and forget all your stress and tension in life.