Sualkuchi is a small town in Assam. It’s situated on the northern bank of river Brahmaputra. It is 35 km away from the city of Guwahati. Sualkuchi had a population of 14,129 according to the census of 2001. The gender ratio is 50-50 percent and the literary rate here is around 82% which is generally higher than the average literacy rate of India. It is known as the Manchester of Assam as it has a large number of cottage industries that are engaged in handloom.
It’s the textile capital of Assam and some of the famous silks are Muga silk , Pat silk , Eri silk , and Endi cloth as well. The makhena chadore and Gamosas made in this area are in high demand throughout the year , not only in Assam but around India and the globe. Its the largest silk weaving village The trademark for these products is SUALKUCHI’S. It’s also a place with great religious belief with more than 5 temples and a mosque. People come here to calm their minds and attach themselves with god.

Things to do in Sualkuchi:

If you want to explore this place a little more then there are a few things to do in Sualkuchi that are mentioned below :

Shopping :
The best part to do in Sualkuchi is shopping. You can get the best and premium quality handmade crafts out here. The main attractions are the silk sarees , dresses and scarves. Other things to shop for are the bamboo handicrafts like baskets , fans etc. You can only find these on the local markets and not on big shopping malls and stores.
Hatisatra :

Hatisatra is a beautiful place where monks live in building/buildings. It’s one of the biggest monasteries in the village and this place is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It was established by Kanu Bura Thakur who was a saint from Nalanga and to this day it’s a great tourist spot.
Sidheswar Devalaya :
As mentioned above Sualkuchi is a great place with religious Beliefs and many gods and goddesses are worshipped here. Sidheswar Devalaya is the major temple of the silk village Sualkuchi. This place is devoted to Lord Shiva and Ahom king Shiba Singha renovated the place.
The Sidheswar Devalaya is situated on the Sidheswari Hill and it’s always filled with devotees mainly in the month of ‘Bhole Bom’ and people come here around India to have a great experience.
Hajo :
Hajo is an great tourist attraction as it has an unique identity for being a place for three religions( hindu , muslim , buddhist). The place is said to be the home for Durga , Shiva , Vishnu , Buddha and major muslim saints. The most famous place here is the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir which is also a religious place for the devotees of Buddha, local people says that buddha attained nirvana here and the Powa Mecca Mosque excites the Muslim people who live here. It’s a beautiful place and believers of all three religions live here with peace.
Poa – Mecca :
A wonderful place for muslims which is said to be built in 1657 by Mir Lutufulla – i – Shiraji according to the increptions made on the walls during the rule of Shahjahan. The prayers in this Mecca are said to be four times powerful than any other Mecca in the world.

Best time to visit:

The summers are really warm and the village experiences great rainfall during the monsoon season. The winters are said to be the best time to visit the place as they are quite chilled so it’s better to carry some woolen clothes if you visit the place in the winter season i.e , from November to March. It can also be visited during the summer season but rainy seasons are strictly prohibited for visiting the place.

How to reach:

Sualkuchi is well connected to all the cities of Assam through roadways and railways which helps Tourists to reach out to the place easily and comfortably. Given below are the modes of transportation to reach the village:

Airways :
Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport of Guwahati is the nearest airport to Sualkuchi. Many known flights come via the route of Guwahati so you won’t have to worry as flights come here regularly. After landing over the airport you can take a cab that will be easily available from outside the airport. You will easily reach your destination Sualkuchi through the cab.
Roadways :
Sualkuchi is connected to all major cities of Assam and the village can be reached through cabs or private and public buses from anywhere through roads. The village is about 35 km away from the capital city Guwahati of Assam. The roads of the village are also well maintained.
By train :
The nearest railway station to the sualkuchi village is the Kamakhya railway station which is at a distance of around 30 km. You can easily get a taxi or bus from Kamakhya to Sualkuchi village.

Nearby places to visit:

Assam is a beautiful city and everyone should come here for a tour. Some of the places you can visit nearby Sualkuchi village are :
•Ganesh Bigrah
•Palashbari picnic spot
•Kamakhya Temple
•Sualkuchi Bastra Uddyan
•Saraighat war memorial park
•Raj Ghat

Relatively Asked Questions:

1. Are Restaurants nearby?

In Spite of being a small village there are more than 20 restaurants and hotels within 500 meter range and the local food is really good out here.

2. What are the main attraction of this place ?

The main attractions of Sualkuchi are the handloom crafts and various religious places.

Sualkuchi is a beautiful village and the handloom crafts are just awesome. The beauty of the place can’t be described in words and pictures. You should visit the place with your family and friends to explore more in life. The place is for religious people as well as for people who love to explore the world and it’s incomplete if you don’t visit Sualkuchi. Its a must visit place in Assam and you should come here to have an exciting experience for lifetime. We recommend you visit Sualkuchi once and see for yourself how beautiful it is. You won’t regret after the experience you get here for life.