Shillong Peak is located at around 10km southwards from the main city Shillong. It has a viewpoint known as Shillong Peak View Point. It stands at a height of 1962m above the sea level. It is the highest point of Shillong which offers a magnificent view of the complete city. Shillong Peak has a telescope room available for tourists to get a panoramic view of the city from its top point known as Shillong Peak View Point. The city looks, even more, better during the evening

Shillong Peak

You will most likely see the Shillong peak enclosed by solid fog on most of the days of the year because of its high altitude. The Shillong peak has a mild climb with a semi-circular structure.

You can reach the Shillong peak all the way through upper Shillong or the Jowai road.

It is believed that Shillong gets its name from this peak itself. If you are to believe the Regional tales, a tribal deity ‘Leishyllong’ resides in the hills and guards the town against all evils. The U Shulong point at the top of the peak is believed to be holy and as such every year during the spring season, a ceremony is organised here. The Shillong Peak viewpoint is located at the Indian Air Force base. A perfect place for tourists, the place also has a radar station of the Indian Air Force. Due to safety measures, checking is done at the entrance.

You can enter the Shillong peak after purchasing an entry ticket. There are two viewpoints that provide an awesome view of the landscape of the Shillong Region. There is a shop on the ground floor where you can hire Khasi traditional attires and pieces of jewellery for both males and females to click pictures at a nominal price. One should definitely try the dresses as these dresses give an amazing look to the person wearing it.

The Shillong Peak has a short pathway where you can walk around or just sit and enjoy the view. The Shillong View Point provides an amazing view of the clouds above the city. There are some small joints for tea and snacks and there are souvenir shops selling unique items that you will love to take back home. The views are mesmerizing all along the way to the top but the most amazing views are available right at the pinnacle of the Shillong Peak.

How to reach The Shillong peak:

The viewpoint is located at around 10kms from Shillong City. Book Travenjo cabs by calling on 6909053355 it will take you to Shillong Peak View Point and other places of Shillong at the cheapest rates from your desired locations.

Timing :

  • Every day:  9AM – 5pm.  The peak remains closed on every Wednesday of the week.
  • Entry fee: – Rs 50/- per head


The peak remains closed on every Wednesday of the week.