Nongjrong Village- An Ultimate Travel Guide – 2022

View of Nongjrong at Sunrise

Nongjrong is one of the less explored places of Meghalaya where travelers rarely visit. You will certainly be amazed by the spectacular view of the landscape of Nongjrong. It is a sunrise point where during early sunrise the valley of Nongjrong is covered with  clouds. The river Umngot flows below the valley and the lush greenery over the mountains make this place a must visit for people traveling to Meghalaya.

Overview of Nongjrong

Nongjrong is a village belonging to Mawkynrew Tehsil, East Khasi Hills district and is a part of the state of Meghalaya in India. The first language of the Nongjrong dwellers is English and most of them speak only English. Their population is just 1440. It is located approximately 30 km away from the sub-district headquarter Mawkynrew and around 60 km away from the district headquarter Shillong.

Nongjrong – Before Sunrise

About Nongjrong: its landscape and beauty

At the base of the hillock, you will be able to see the clouds as a vast spread of a white sea floating endlessly over the beautiful green hills and the valley. At the horizon, especially, it will be a sight to behold. The scenic beauty of Nonjrong is so mesmerizing, making you forget all your worries for a while and giving you a rejuvenating experience. If you venture till the corner of the hillock to get a closer sight of the clouds, you won’t be disappointed.


Distance from Shillong

From Shillong to Nongjrong the distance is 49-50 km. It takes around two hours to reach Nongjrong once you start from Shillong assuming that there is little or no traffic.

On the way to Nongjrong

Where can we stay in Nongjrong or nearby?

Here is a list of the top five places where you can stay-


You will find this place 8.3 km away in the East Khasi Hills region.

Location details: Meghalaya 793015.


This inn is located in the West Jaintia Hills region; almost 10.9 km away.

Location details: Meghalaya 793151

3) Tyrchi INN

This one is situated in the West Jaintia Hills region as well, at a distance of 10.9 km.

Location details: Meghalaya 793151


You will find this place in the Thadlaskein region; 11.2 km far.

Location details: Meghalaya 793151

5) Highwinds

Highwinds is in the West Jaintia Hills at an approximate distance of 11.3 km.

Location details: Meghalaya 793151

Where can we eat in Nongjrong?

Here we have curated a list of the top 5 eateries nearby-

1) Veg Hotel

It is located at Moodymmai; Meghalaya 793151 at a distance of 9.4 km.

2) 5 Star Dhaba

It is in the West Jaintia Hills region; Meghalaya 793151 and to reach here you will have to travel a distance of 11.2 km.

3) Choice Dhaba

Another famous eatery in West Jaintia Hills; Meghalaya 793151 is around 12 km away.

4) Hill Top Dhaba

This dhaba is also approximately 12.1 km away in the region of West Jaintia Hills; Meghalaya 793151.

5) Dukan Jadoh

It’s location is at Jowai Civil Hospital Rd; Meghalaya 793150 which is 14.8 km far.

Things to carry with you

Here is a list of the items that you should be carrying when traveling to Nongjrong

  • Toiletries (if you have any special requirements)
  • Comfortable shoes (avoid heels)
  • Your prescription medicines 
  • Jacket (because it gets really cold there)
  • A raincoat or poncho (as it rains a lot in this region)
  • Your spectacles or lenses (if you wear them)
  • Carry a sturdy backpack with you in which you can keep all your essential items as you roam around
  • An umbrella is recommended but optional
  • Any other necessary items that you may need

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by tourists about Nongjrong-

What is the pin code of Nongjrong?

The pin code of Nongjrong is 793015.

What is the temperature in Nongjrong usually?

The temperature here is usually anywhere between 6-18 degrees C.

Is Nongjrong safe to travel?

Yes, Nongjrong is absolutely safe to visit for children, old people, couples, or even solo travelers.

From where I can get a taxi to Nongjrong?

You can hire a taxi from Shillong to Nongjrong online with us. The cab will take you for Nonjrong for the Sunrise View.