Kakochang Waterfalls

Kakochang Waterfalls is the best waterfall you will ever see in your life. The beauty of this place is just fabulous and you can’t take your eyes off it. The nature , waterfall , environment and surrounding everything here is just perfect. There is no waterfall that is as beautiful as this one. It’s situated near Naharjan Gao i.e. a village in Assam. It’s one of the best places to visit near Kaziranga National Park. Local people of the village call it Keipholangso. The height of the waterfalls is around 40 m and the water falls down to a well maintained , fully cleaned pool. You can enjoy the view of tea gardens of Difanu , Hathkhuli , Behora Borchapori , Methoni that are easily visible from the waterfalls and you can also have a good time around the pool. The view of this place is awesome and no one should miss the chance of visiting this place.
The view of this place is really great and people around the world come here to enjoy the environment of Kakochang Waterfalls. Apart from the waterfalls and tea gardens you can also watch the Ancient ruins in Numaligarh from the Kakochang Waterfalls itself. These ancient ruins are really great. Kakochang Waterfalls are really awesome and when you make a plan to visit places in Assam then this place should be on your tour plan.

The Adventurous Trek :

To watch the beautiful falls visitors have to walk a distance of about 3.5 km from the parking place at Naharjan Gaon which is 1 km away from the Kakochang Waterfalls. The waterfalls are really beautiful and wonderful but the way to reach the place is also breathtaking as it’s surrounded by bamboo trees , small bridges and many small lakes which makes the journey much better and exciting. The trek you have to do is easy although for kids it can be a little exhausting but they can’t feel it as the environment is so great and the distance feels really short.

How to reach Kakochang Waterfalls

Kakochang Waterfalls are just 30 km away from the orchid park in Kaziranga. You can take a cab or by private car from Kaziranga to this place but you have to park it 1 km
away in the parking zone then continue your tour to the beautiful waterfalls by walking and trekking. If you are coming here from other state or city then the details are given below for that as well.

The nearest airport to the Kakochang Waterfalls is located in Jorhat which is 69 Km away and henceforth, you can take a cab from outside and reach it through NH715 easily.

•Railways :
After airways the other option is the railways and the nearest railway station is also located in Jorhat. Which is 68.8 km away and can be reached through the same highway of NH715 through cab.
Other options are to take a bus , taxi or a bus as per their comfort and priority.

Recommendations for your safety and comfort:

You need to carry a few things with you before visiting the place and some of them are given below and please follow them :
1. If you visit the place in summers then sunscreen is a must.
2. Carry a few painkillers to avoid the pain after trekking.
3. We suggest you wear sports shoes and Sports garments as they are comfortable and easily dried.
4. The place sometimes becomes slippery so it’s better to wear shoes with grips to hold you tight.
5. Caps and shades become necessary if you visit the place on a sunny day.

Some nearby places :

Kakochang Waterfalls without any doubt is a beautiful place and three are much more near the place which you must visit and some of them are mentioned below :
Deoparbat Ruins
Kaziranga National Park
Panbari Reserve Forest
Kalyani Mandir
•Petua – Gosani Thaan

Most relatively Asked Questions :

1. What’s the best time period to visit Kakochang Waterfalls?

Visiting Kakochang Waterfalls during the monsoon season is strictly prohibited as the route becomes slippery and it isn’t safe. If you plan a vacation to Kakochang Waterfalls then the best time to visit the place is between October to March which is the post – monsoon period and the weather gets really nice. You can also visit this place in summer but you have to carry a few items which are mentioned above in the article.

2. Where to stay near Kakochang Waterfalls?

There are many hotels and lodges nearby Borkhat where you can stay so don’t worry about getting a place to stay and If you want to add some local flavour to your tour then you can also prefer home stays as the people here are also friendly.

3. Are food items allowed at Kakochang Waterfalls?

Yes absolutely food items are allowed at the place so, you can bring the food or even buy it from the local people who sell food here but please don’t litter the beautiful place with rappers and other stuff.

4. What are the entry fees and entry timings?

There are no entry fees and timing so anyone can visit the place anytime for free. Although we recommend you to visit the place during the daytime as it can be dangerous to visit at night as the route is slippery.

Kakochang Waterfalls is a beautiful place and there is so much to explore within the place. The waterfall here is so beautiful that it just feels like heaven and people also say that the place looks like God made it itself because of the beauty. It’s a great place for people who like adventures or exploring new and exciting places. You can come with your family , friends or alone to enjoy the environment around the place. The trek can be a little bit exhausting but you will forget everything once you reach the waterfalls. Take a small bath in the pool made through the cold water of the waterfalls. It’s an exciting place and a must visit on your list when you reach Assam. We recommend you to visit the place and appraise the beauty of nature.