Elephant Falls

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Elephant Falls is a captivating waterfall that forms an essential part of the tourism in Shillong. Elephant falls situated at around 12 km from the city Shillong. Elephant falls is one of the most visited tourist place. The lucid water and the luxuriant greenery gives you a mesmerizing view making the elephant falls a must visit place.

Elephant falls have been named after a rock resembling elephant, which got destroyed in the earthquake of 1897. The Elephant Falls is one of the most popular falls in the entire North East. Located near  the Shillong city. The elephant falls consist of three layers of falls at three different points which are accessible to the tourist visiting the falls. People can get closer view of the falls as the barrier is very near to falls one can even touch the flowing water of the falls and enjoy its coolness which refreshes the body and mind.

The local name of the elephant falls is ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’, meaning ‘The Three Step Waterfalls’,  as the falls consist of three amazing falls in the  sequence. The first of which is tucked between the intense trees which are very thick and wide. The second waterfall consists of slim thread of water, it is more or less insignificant in winter season due to lack of rainfalls. The third waterfall which is the best of the three and the biggest with constant gush of water flowing making it look like a huge amount of milk flowing instead of water on the black rocks at the back. The third waterfall attracts people towards it due to its thick and milky water body. Due to its spectacular surroundings, the elephant falls tops the list of tourist attractions and weekend getaways in Shillong. The climate of this place is rejuvenating and revitalizing.

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The allure of the Elephant Falls makes it a preferred place for people who love photography. You can click numerous pictures at the waterfalls and surroundings. Spend around 30 to 45 minutes to see the place properly.

The way to each tier of the falls has a steep steps and it is better to go slow rather than rushing. As these steps can be troublesome for young children and senior citizens.

Seating arrangements are made at the first and the second tier of the falls so you can sit and admire the beauty with a bit of rest for your body too. Local movies, TV commercials are shot regularly at the elephant falls. There are boards at each tier where you can read the history of the falls.

If you have interest in local and tribal culture you can click some pictures wearing local Khasi attire which is rented at the shop near the Elephant Falls at a very reasonable rates. The dress is very colourful and makes a person looks lively in it, especially the turban and the jacket for male and head gear for female and makes a person looks lively in it.

Elephant Falls

Elephant falls is actually connected to one of finest park cum garden called Matilang Park. This park is known for its greenery and maintenance and local people love to go and visit the park in weekends.  But the fact is people can see Elephant Falls standing in this park but cannot directly enter Elephant Falls through it as both of them are two different recreational centres.


Everyday- 10:00 Am to 6:00 Pm

Still camera – Rs. 20/-

Video camera – Rs. 100/-

Khasi attire photo shoot- Rs. 100/-

Umbrella for rent- Rs. 10/-

Entry fee – Rs. 10/-

Public toilet- Rs 5/-

Car parking- Rs 20/-

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