30 Best Places to Visit in Shillong

Best Places to Visit in Shillong

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and a hill station also known as the Scotland of the East. All throughout the year tourist come to this beautiful city to spend quality time with friends and family in the lap of nature. There are various tourist attractions in Shillong where one can explore waterfalls, caves, natural parks and lakes besides the local tribal culture, heritage, lifestyle, and the unique cuisine of the local tribals. The weather of Shillong is very pleasant due to its geographical location nearby the plains of Bangladesh.
Following are the 30 best places to visit in Shillong:

1. Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake
Umiam or Barapani is a lake, Reservoir which serves the whole of Shillong with Electricity generated by its hydroelectric project, with a most spectacle scenic view which one can enjoy.
It is one of the best sites to visit in Shillong and easily accessible as it is located on the National Highway 6 commonly known as G.S Road (Guwahati – Shillong Road). You will find this awesome place on the road side before reaching Shillong.
If one want to enjoy the scenery of the lake then one have to park the vehicle with no charges and enjoy the beauty of the nature from above the hills side where a pavilion (Watch Point) has been made. And if one want to enjoy the water sport Such As Boating, Kayaking, Water Cycling and Scooting then you have to visit “Umiam Water Sport Complex” located near Jawaharlal Nehru Park.

2. Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls
Elephant Falls was the name given by the British by looking at the size and the shape of the falls, locally referred by Tribal (Khasi) as “Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew” which means three tier falls. It is the best place to go for a picnic sport scenic view and the most photogenic location in Shillong.
Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Shillong, this is the only falls which can be easily accessible for people of all ages, with stairs leading it to the base of the falls. One can view all the three steps falls and enjoy by the stairs leading downwards. There are lots of shop chargeable for souvenir, eatables, Local Tribal attire for Photos, and lots more.
Best time to visit is in the month of March To October, nevertheless it is open throughout the year for visitors and it looks equally memerising but when the water flow is more than the falls looks even more pleasant.
Entry fees: Rs 20 Per Head
Parking Fees: Rs 20 Per Vehicle
Opening time:
10:00 AM To 6:00 PM in Summer
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Winter

3. Police Bazaar

Police Bazaar
Being located in the heart of Shillong, it is a one stop shopping area for all kinds of goods, such as Groceries, Fancy Items, Clothes, Shoes, Mobiles, Laptops, Local Handicrafts and much more.
Police Bazaar, also locally known as Khyndailad is the most favourite destination for shopping lovers among the locals and the tourists alike. Varieties of local, traditional as well as foreign products are available here. The market is mostly known for urban lifestyle products including ethnic and western outfits.
Police Bazaar also holds an entertainment hub for the kids and the adults. For the entertainment of kids a gaming zone is available on the top floor of Reliance Trends (Muda Complex). And for the adults there are lots of movie theaters where one can enjoy movies at cheaper rates.

4. Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures

Don Bosco Museum
It is one of the best Museums in Asia for promoting cultural and tribal heritage of northeastern part of Indian State such as Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura. It is located in Mawlai, Shillong.
The museum stores a wide collection of regional artworks, attires, accoutrements, handicrafts of North Eastern State, ornamentation, photographs of old days (glories) and weapons used in olden days by the tribals of North East.
If you get to visit here do try the Skywalk present on the seventh storied of the building which you give you the scenic view of the surroundings.
Timing: 9:00 AM to 4.30 PM
Open: Monday – Saturday (Closed on Sunday)

5. Wards Lake

Wards Lake
It is a beautiful lake located in the heart of Shillong, nearby Police Bazaar. The scenic beauty of the lake is very attractive and the surrounding is well maintained. Most of the tourists visiting the lake stroll in the wooden bridge which is one of the main attractions of this lake.
It is a manmade lake with boating facility and a restaurant. The cherry timber blossom between the last week of October and second week of November and Cherry Blossom festival is also celebrated during this time of the year which is organised within the premises of the lake.
Best time to visit Ward’s Lake is during spring season although it looks beautiful throughout the year.
Opening Time:
November to February: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
March to October : 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM

6. Shillong Peak

Shillong Peak
Shillong Peak is the highest peak in Shillong located on the road leading towards 7th mile, Shillong. In order to reach there one has to take a left turn from the main road of 5th mile Shillong.
This peak is very beautiful and it provides a bird eye view of the Shillong City. One who is visiting Shillong Peak may take a binocular to have an amazing experience of viewing Shillong City.
Here you can buy lots of souvenir and artifacts from the shop available out there and local traditional tribal attires are available on rent to wear. If you want to experience the attire of the tribes you can take the dress on rent and click picture by wearing it. Children enjoy a lot wearing these traditional dresses.
Shillong Peak Opening and Closing Time:
Open throughout the year from: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

7. Mary Help of Christians Cathedral

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral
It is a beautiful Church located on the highway towards Laitmukrah, Shillong. Christians belonging to Catholic denomination worship in this Cathedral. It is one of the biggest church in Meghalaya with a beautiful wide structure and garden around.
This church is dedicated to Mother Mary which one can witness some of the relics of mother Mary erected out there as a dedication towards her.

8. Lady Hydari Park

Lady Hydari Park
Lady Hydari Park is well maintained and beautiful park of Shillong and is located in the main city. You will sense the freshness of flowers simply by entering into the park. Kids enjoy a lot in the park as there is a mini zoo inside the park where you will find different animals and birds. The view of the park is very vivid, green and colorful with flowers all around. Pathways are well maintained to walk through the park. Sheds with sitting arrangements are available inside wherein you may rest if you get worn-out during your visit. Overall Lady Hydari Park is a completely wonderful location to spend time with the near and dear ones.
This park remains open every day throughout the year except on Monday, it remains closed.
Lady Hydra Park Opening Time:
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

9. Shillong Golf Course

Shillong Golf Course
Shillong Golf Course is one of the most famous and frequently visited place among golf lovers and the youngsters as this is the only golf course which is open for the public throughout the year. This is the only natural golf course in India Golf is played here since the time of Britishers.
This Shillong Golf Course also serves as the picnic spot for the youngster as there are lots of open space for them to loiter around and play games.

10. Mawphlang Sacred Grove Forest

 Mawphlang Sacred Grove Forest
This Forest in Mawphlang is regarded as the sacred forest among the locals. There has been a tradition among locals from thousand of years that they do not pick a single object or plants from this forest. This practice of locals has not only boomed the forest but also preserved thousand of exotic plants and medicinal herbs which is the sole reason of survival for this forest.
Mawphlang Sacred Forest is densely covered in around 80 hectors of land filled with lots of natural wonders. Here one get to see rock cutting caves and also lots of spooky stories resides here of the god of the protector of the forest. There are some areas where no tourists are allowed to pluck branches. Best time to visit Mawphlang Sacred Grove Forest is during the summer season. Though it is open throughout the year for the tourist.
Opening Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Entry fee:
Rs.20 per person
Rs.20 for camera.
Rs.300 for an English-Khasi speaking guide for one-hour.

11. Madina Masjid

Madina Masjid Shillong
The Grand Madina Masjid is one of the unique Mosques in the world and is the largest glass mosque in Asia. It is the best place to visit for Muslim Travelers. The Mosque has a beautiful flower garden and a fountain which adds to its beautiful four fold. It is located at Laban, Shillong and is seen from the Guwahati Shillong Highway.
Best time to visit is during evening time.

12. Laitlum Grand Canyons

Laitlum Grand Canyons
Laitlum Grand Canyon is located in Smit Village, Near Shillong. This is the top most place of Smit Village with steep hill.
From this place one can get a bird eye view of the hills around which is covered with greenery entirely and with cloud hovering just above the head during monsoon. It is the best place to rejuvenate and refersh yourself from all the hustle and bustle of city life. It is also one of the best places for picnic and to have some leisure time with the nature. It is open throughout the year and best time to visit is in the morning and afternoon as at these times the real beauty of this place can be seen.

13. Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum Shillong
The Airforce Museum is located on the outskirt of Shillong, around 12 kms from the main city and on the way to Upper Shillong.
This museum is maintained by the Eastern Air command, Shillong. Here you can visit to see some of the artifacts of the Indian Air Force. Things worth seeing in the museum are the picture gallery, war memorials and the dummy aircraft.
As the Museum is situated at the Airforce Base Station security is the main concern out there. While visiting here one is required to take Identification Card.
It remains open through the year.

14. Bishop Falls

Bishop Falls Shillong
It is one of the highest water falls in Meghalaya and 22nd in India. It is located at Sonapani Hydro Project Lumshait with a most scenic view of the falls from the hills. One can get a full view from the opposite side of the falls which one can access by foot after a trek of around 1 kilometer. This falls looks more beautiful during the rainy season.
Bishop Falls View Point is open throughout the year from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

15. Captain Williamson Sangma Museum

Captain Williamson Sangma Museum
This museum is located near State Central Library, Shillong. The Museum is maintained by the Kolkata Museum Authority and regulated by them and it has antique weapon used by the locals of Meghalaya during the war of Independence. It also showcases the livelihood of all the tribes of Meghalaya, their villages, their past history and lots more.
It is open throughout the year from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

16. Mawkdok Dympep Valley

Mawkdok Dympep Valley
Mawkdok Dympep Valley is one of the most prominent attractions of Shillong, located on the way to Cherrapunjee.
Mawkdok view point is the site from where you can enjoy and admire natural, scenic beauty of the Mawkdok Dympep Valley. It is a deep valley where you will find where zip – lining is also available for adventure enthusiast. One has to walk down through number of steps to reach the view point.

17. Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave
Mawsmai Cave is situated around 6 kms from Cherrapunjee and is a primary tourist attraction in Cherrapunjee. A total distance of about 150 meters is open for travelers.
These are limestone caves of Meghalaya. It takes around 14 minutes to move and come out of the cave. Mawsmai cave is pretty popular spot of Cherrapunjee where you will witness large no of tourist. The natural limestone cave will surely fascinate you and getting inside the cave is an adventurous experience. Inside the cave you will see water dripping regularly from the roofs and even there is formation of stalagmites and stalactites. The caves floor and the roof are naturally joined together forming pillars. There are some places inside the cave where one has to kneel down and lower their heads. Exploring Mawsmai Cave will be an experience of a lifetime. It remains open throughout the year. Opening Time:
9:30AM -5:30 PM

18. Seven Sister Falls

Seven Sister Falls
Seven Sister Falls is located just 1 km from Mawsmai Village, Cherrapunjee. It is the most scenic and a must visit site for one who visit Cherrapunjee.
This waterfall is referred to as Seven Sister Falls and locally known as Nohsngithiang Falls. The Seven Sister Falls derives its name from the seven streams which plunges from the top of the cliffs and it is the fourth highest waterfalls in the country. The beauty of the falls can be fully seen during rainy season. The falls flows down amid the setting sun rapidly forming a perennial rainbow making it a great sight to see for the tourist. There is a platform build for the tourist to have a full view of this falls and park for some leisure time with the nature on the top of the mountain.
It remains open throughout the year. If you want to really enjoy the beauty of this falls visit during the clear rainy season that is in the month of June and July.

19. Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls
Nohkalikai Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India. Its height is 1115 ft (340 metres).The waterfalls is located close to Cherrapunji, as we all know it being one of the wettest locations on earth. Nohkalikai Falls is fed through the rainwater collected on the top the hill. Below the falls a plunge pool has also been formed by the cascading waterfalls.
Though this site is open for tourists throughout the year, monsoon is the best time to visit Nohkalikai Falls when the falls are fully formed. There is a viewing gallery from where you can have a view of the waterfalls, surrounding greeneries and the beautiful valley.

20. Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Double Decker Living Root Bridge
Double Decker Living Root Bridge is a beautiful and only one of its kind among living root bridge in Meghalaya and it is located in Jingkieng Nongriat around few Kilometer away from Cherrapunjee.
This bridge is a unique creation of the Khasi tribes by roots of ancient rubber trees, found only in the northeastern region. This roots grow in such a way making it in a form a bridge at the top of a river and creating a path way for the local people to cross the river easily. It is also an ideal place for trekking. Two bridges are formed here due to the entanglement of roots making it in the form of a Double Decker Bridge. It is a wonder, astonishment and a unique spot for travelers to visit while they are in Cherrapunjee.

21. Krangsuri Falls

Krangsuri Falls
Krangsuri Falls is one of the must visit site for the tourists visiting Shillong. It is located in Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya. In order to reach the falls one has to step down from the parking site and walk for about 1 kilometer through the stairs. The most interesting thing about this place is that this falls has deep blue color water throughout the year.
There are lots of thing to do here apart from clicking the picture of the beautiful scenery. One can simply swim in the pool but have to take life jacket which cost around Rs 30 per person. Also there is a boat ride available above the falls. I would suggest that if you visit here then keep around 1.50 to 3 hour in your hand to enjoy the beauty around here. Best time to visit Krangsuri Falls is during the rainy season.

22. Umngot River

Umngot River
Umngot River, located at Dawki, is one of the cleanest rivers in Asia with crystal clear water. It is a popular among the travelers. Here you can do boating and also come for a picnic with your friends and family. The water of the river is so clear that the river bed can be clearly seen during boating in the river. During the sunny days the greenery of the river shines bright giving it a spectacular view. There is an iconic bridge from where you can get a full view of the river.
Best time to visit Umngot River is during the summer season. It is also open throughout the year.

23. Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong Village
Mawlynnong Village is commonly known as the cleanest village in the region. It was awarded the title of the Cleanest Village of Asia in the year 2005. Many people called it to be the Gods own garden and once you entered the village you will be baffled by its sight, as the whole of the village looks like a garden with varieties of flowers, fruits, plants.
The villagers here love cleanliness which can be witnessed by the visitor. Dustbins are kept in most of the places in order to maintain the cleanliness of the vicinity of the village.
This site is located around 90 to 95 kilometers from the city of Shillong. As being the role model of many village, the village children are imparted a lesson for cleanliness at the very early age which we get to see here even the kids are very careful about cleanliness of the village. Apart from cleanliness this village has a vast densely covered area with varieties of fruit trees, lovely flower garden, etc. There is also a balancing rock in the village where one big rock is placed over the small rock with a perfect balance. The village also has the famous Mawlynnong Living Root Bridge.
Although opened throughout the year, best time to visit Mawlynnong is during the rainy season when in the lush green bush are dense.

24. Dainthlen Falls

Dainthlen Falls Cherrapunjee
Dainthlen Falls is located in the road side before reaching Sohra.
It is one of the most beautiful falls in Cherrapunjee circuit of tourism. It is also one of the most famous site for picnic among the locals.
This place is also known by the locals as the home of the python , as there are lots of holes (structure) which resemble as python, locals believe that python lived there long time back.
The waterfalls passes between the two huge rocks making it an amazing sight for the viewers. The river at Dainthlen spreads out and falls into the narrow gorge. The waterfalls is named after a “Thlen” meaning a snake of large size or a python. You can also visit Saimika Park which is a nearby attraction.
It is open throughout the year and no restriction nor any charges for visiting this falls but only parking charges is applicable.
Entry Fees: Free
Parking Fees:
Rs 20 for two wheelers.
Rs 50 for heavy vehicle.

25. Butterfly Museum

Butterfly Museum Shillong
Butterfly Museum is also known Entomological Museum and it is one of the popular attraction of Shillong. It is a private museum which has various sizes, shapes, patterns and colors of butterflies, insects and moths belonging to different areas of the region.
It is owned by Mr. Wankhar who is keen for the conservation of these butterflies and moths. This museum is situated in Jaiaw, Shillong. This place is a real treat for children, so if you are travelling with children you must visit this place.
Opening Time:
Monday to Friday – 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday: 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Closed on Sunday

26. Kharmih Varieties Spot

Kharmih Varieties Spot
This spot is located in between Saimika Resort to Dainthlen Falls. It is a picnic and leisure spot. It is a very beautiful location comprising of Hilly Terrain, Deep Gorges Valley, Silvery Waterfalls and crystalline ponds making it an attractive spot for nature lover. For picnic lovers a hut is build for cooking food, wood and utensils are available on hire.
This spot remains open throughout the year. But best time to visit is between March to October when it rains as the beauty of this spot reveals only when there are ample of rain pour.

27. Wei Sawdong Falls

Wei Sawdong Falls
Wei Sawdong is a three tier falls which is just 1.5 kilometers away from the Dianthlen falls. Meaning of “wei” and “sawdong” is square shape. It is connected to the stream created from the water falls of the Dianthlen Falls. It is also the newly discovered site in Meghalaya with the most beautiful and stunning view. The beauty of the falls is beyond expression.
You have to go down the steep hills. Some of the stairs are made out of bamboo, branches and stones on the steep hills for the ease of travelers. If you have physical strength and capable of using bamboo stairs and natural stairways and also climbing up then you must visit this place.

28. Dawki Tamabil Border Crossing

Dawki Tamabil Border Crossing
Tamabil Indo-Bangla Border is the end point of Meghalaya located near Dawki and Bangladesh. As this place is an international border one who wants to experience what an international border is all about, can visit this place. This place is used to ferry passengers and cargo. It is one of the famous road border crossings between India and Bangladesh. The distance between Dawki and Tamabil border is about 1.5 kilometres. The famous Umngot River flows in both the countries through this palce. Tourists from Bangladesh come to visit Meghalaya through the Tamabil Border.

29. Thangkharang Park

Thangkharang Park Cherrapunjee
Thangkharang Park is one of the best attractions of Cherrapunji. Lying subsequent to the Khoh Ramhah Rock, this park provides a bird eye view of Bangladesh. You can also see the Kynrem Falls that gush down there from the hill. The park also has 2 foot bridges from where the expansive lush valleys, the plains of Bangladesh and the steep hills can be comfortably seen. Another famous enchantment that lies in Thangkharang Park is the Khoh Ramrah Rock, which is popularly referred to as the Shiva Rock. This big rock is in the shape of a lingam.
Another best thing about this place is that the trees are labeled in such a way that helps students and nature lover study nature. Overall, the bushes and lawns have been nicely-maintained which also makes the park a beautiful site for picnic. It also has small playground for kids and youngsters and shaded areas to relax.
The beauty of the place captivates you in such a way that it does not allow you to leave early from there.
It remains open throughout the year and is open from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

30. Ever Living Museum

Ever Living Museum Shillong
The Ever Living Museum is dedicated to the local, natural and cultural heritage of the region which includes fossils and crafts. It is situated in Mawshbuit Village at the outskirts of Shillong City. You will find in the museum unique jewelleries, weapons, ancient dresses, household tools, handicrafts and musical instruments of the local tribes including fossils and stones. You will also find here large collections of Indian Coins as well as Foreign Coins. These are well preserved by a local individual Mr. Kyntiew War who personally guides the visitors who come to the museum.
Entry Fees:
Rs.50/- per Adult, Rs.20/- for Children, Rs.30/- for College Students.
Rs.2000/- for Documentary, Rs.5000/- for Film Shooting, Rs.20/- for Mobile Camera, Rs.50/- for DSLR Camera.

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