Places to visit in Meghalaya

Meghalaya Tourist Places

Meghalaya, also known as “The Abode of Clouds”, is a state in northern India. There are various Meghalaya Tourist Places like Shillong, Cherrapunji, Dawki, Mawlynnong, Jowai etc. Shillong is the state’s capital and also its largest city.

Places to visit in Meghalya are unique and many are least exlored. Meghalaya is the one of the wettest places in India with the highest rainfall and is well-known for its mountains, peaks, waterfalls, and caves.

Shillong Peak is the highest peak of in Shillong. Cherrapunji in the East Khasi Hills, Shillong, Elephant Falls, and Krang Suri Falls are among best places to visit in Meghalaya. These tourits places in Meghalaya have beocme a reason for travellers to visit Meghalaya and appreciate the state’s natural beauty.

Meghalaya’s breathtaking vistas will stay with you long after your tour is ended. Sohra’s heights are teeming with waterfalls, streams, and forest pathways. View the Bangladeshi lowlands from a variety of vantage points along the state’s southern mountains. Our list of famous places in Meghalaya are unique and will help you in exploring Meghalaya in a better way.

Best places to visit in Meghalaya includes:
Lakes:Umiam Lake and Dawki Lake
Parks: Eco Park and Lady Hydari Park
Waterfalls: Krang Suri Waterfalls and Wei Sawdong Waterdalls
Caves: Mawsmai, Arwah and Siju Caves

Major Meghalaya Tourist Places include:

Weather in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is among the most pleasant weather in Northeast India. The weather is comfortable even in the summer, with an average temperature of 24°C, because Meghalaya is a hilly country with abundant of rainfall.
During the monsoons, there is enough rain to make the waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and flora seem beautiful. Due to the magnificent weather of Meghalaya during the monsoon, the fogs over the mountains make the entire environment appealing.
The winter season in Meghalaya is dry and Meghalaya tourist places are well seen in this season, with pleasant temperatures ranging from 12 to 15 degrees Celsius during the day and falling to below 10 degrees Celsius at night. However, one of the most striking features of Meghalaya’s winters is that there is no fog, allowing you to take in the scenery.

Summer(April-June) 15.9°C-30°C
Monsoon(July-September) 17.9°C-24.3°C
Winter(October-March) 3°C-15°C

Frequently Asked Questions about Places to visit in Meghalaya

1. What are the best places to visit in Meghalaya?

Some of the best place to visit in Meghalaya are Cherrapunji & Mawsynram (the wettest places in the world), Mawlynnong (the cleanest village in entire Asia), Double Decker (the living root bridge), Dawki also known as Umgot river (the cleanest river in entire Asia).

2. What is famous about Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is famous for its numerous tourist spots which are renowned all over the world. Meghalaya is home to the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls like Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, Dainthlen Falls, etc. It is also home to longest caves like Mawsmai Cave and wettest places like Cherrapunji and Mawsynram.

3. How many days are enough for the Meghalaya Tour?

5 days and 4 nights are enough for an excursion in Meghalaya. In five days you can cover nearly the major spots in Meghalaya.

4. How can I plan a tour of Meghalaya for an excursion?

You can plan a tour of Meghalaya for 5 days and 4 nights in the following manner:-
Day 1: Arrive at Guwahati and head to Shillong and on the way visit Umiam Lake and Don Bosco Museum. In the evening chill yourself in the central market of Shillong city i.e. Police Bazar.
Day 2: Visit Cherrapunji’s beautiful waterfalls, caves and park.
Day 3: Visit Dawki or Umgot river, the cleanest and glassy river in entire Asia.
Day 4: Visit Laitlum Canyons and Krang Suri Falls.
Day 5: Do the sightseeing in the capital city, Shillong and visit places like Shillong Golf Course, Wards Lake, Lady Hydari Park etc.

5. Which season is best for visiting Meghalaya?

Any season is best for visiting Shillong, Meghalaya. For nature lovers monsoon will be the best time to visit as during this time the waterfalls look beautiful. But for adventure lovers winters will be best for trekking and for water sports as the trekking paths will be comfortable and the river will be clean.

6. Does tourist in Meghalaya have to come here at any particular season?

No, tourist in Meghalaya can visit at any season of the year but most tourist prefer Meghalaya during the winter seasons as in this time you can enjoy the mesmerising waterfalls and lake in its clearest forms.

7. Is it safe to travel alone in Meghalaya?

The state of Meghalaya is recorded as having one of the lowest crime rates in India. Thus it is safe for solo travellers as well as for female travellers to travel in Meghalaya.

8. Is visiting Meghalaya economical or not?

Visiting Meghalaya is economical, as you will get homestays and budget hotels at a good price. Moreover taxis are available which will take you to the interiors at a minimum fare. Even Meghalaya Tour Packages are at reasonable prices for budget travellers.

9. Can I cover the excursion to Meghalaya in 3 days?

Yes, you can cover some of its major spots in 3 days but it will be too hectic. You should at least plan for 5 Days 4 Nights to cover the best places in Meghalaya.

10. How many waterfalls are there in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is home to numerous waterfalls, but some of its tallest and biggest waterfalls are Seven Sisters Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Wei Saw Dong Falls, Dainthlen Falls, Krang Suri Falls, Elephant Falls and Phe Phe Falls.

11. What are the famous places in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya famous places are Shillong, Cherrapunji, Dawki, Mawlynnong, Jowai, Tura. Famous Meghalaya Tourism Villages are Mawphlang, Kongthong, Nongjrong, Umden and Mawlynnong.