Places to visit in Mawsynram

Mawsynram Tourist Places

Mawsynram is a picturesque settlement in Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills. There are various places to visit in Mawsynram like Mawjymbuin Caves, Jakrem Hot Spring, and Lum Symper Peak and Cave.

Weather in Mawsynram in quite pleasanr and it receives about 11.872 mm of rain each year. It is said to be one of the wettest places on the planet.Visitors from all over the world visit Mawsynram Tourist Places and spend their time amidst nature. Mawsynram in India is a very famous place specially for its heavy rainfall and for being the wettest place.

Mawsynram village is endowed with natural beauty. The meandering roads that go through the thick green foliage and wonderful views of the green mountains makes travelers awestruck. When it rains excessively, the area becomes engulfed in mist, which is a wonderful sight to see.

Major Mawsynram Tourist Places include:
  • Mawjymbuin Caves
  • Jakrem Hot Spring
  • Lum Symper Peak and Cave
  • Mawlyngbna

Other Best Places to Visit in Mawsynram are:
  • Khreng Khreng Waterfall
  • Krem Puri
  • Umkhakoi Lake
  • Split Rock
The rainfall in Mawsynram is so intense that the locals use thick grass to soundproof their houses. Mawsynram narrowly edges Cherrapunji in terms of yearly rainfall with about 11,872 mm as compared to 11,777 mm rainfall in Cherrapunji each year.

Mawsynram lies about 1400 meters above sea level and the position of Mawsynram, according to meteorologists, is a major factor why it receives heavy rain. A strong and exceptionally protracted monsoon season results from moisture accumulating over the Bay of Bengal, which precipitates over Mawsynram.

If you planning to explore Mawsynram and admire its natural beauty, then you must not miss the below mentioned best places to visit in Mawsynram.

Check our curated Mawsynram Tourist places list for tourists planning to vist Mawsyram.

Best Time To Visit Mawsynram

The best time you can visit Mawsynram is in the month of September and November as during these months the weather is very pleasing with the least rainfall. Although if you are a monsoon lover then definitely you should visit Mawsynram during the rainy season.

Best Places to stay in Mawsynram

NamePrice (Tentative)
Pateng HomeStayStarts from Rs.5000/- per night.
Weiing- The Lakefront CampStarts from Rs.4000/- per night.
The Rustic Cottage- HomestayStarts from Rs./- per night.
Maple Pine FarmStarts from Rs.3500/-per night.
Smoky Falls Mae Fi ResortStarts from Rs.3548/- per night.

Weather in Mawsynram

Mawsynram has a reputation for being one of the wettest places on the earth. It is thus preferable to travel between April and June, which is the country’s summer season. This lovely tourist destination amid the “ Abode of Clouds” gives a welcome break throughout the summer, as the temperature remains delightfully cool throughout the day. Because it is one of the wettest regions in India, people must be prepared for the high rains that the region experiences. The transitional month of October is also a wonderful time to visit tourist places since the terrains are continually covered in lush vegetation and the air is refreshing and revitalizing.

Summer(April-June) 14°C-20°C
Monsoon(July-September) 17°C-20°C
Winter(October-March) 6°C-15°C

Frequently Asked Questions about Places to visit in Mawsynram

1. What are the best places to visit in Mawsynram?

There are nearly five best places to visit within Mawsynram, namely Krem Dam, Mawjymbuin caves, Khreng Khreng falls, Lum Symper, Kshaid Ur Ur waterfalls & Ksahmasi.

2. Which are the romantic places to visit in Mawsynram?

Every spot in Meghalaya is going to be a romantic place for couples because of its beautiful lush green mountains and waterfalls some of the romantic places to visit in Mawsynram are Lum Symper Peak and Cave, Khreng Khreng Waterfall, Mawlyngbna, Umkhakoi Lake, Split Rock, and Krem Puri.

3. Which are the best tourist Places for families in Mawsynram?

Within a short distance from Mawsynram in the north you will find Mawjymbuin Cave which is going to be a perfect place for your family to visit. Apart from this, you will also find some places which are very much suitable for family visits like Lum Symper Peak and cave, Khreng Khreng Waterfall, Mawlyngbna, Umkhakoi Lake, Split Rock, Krem puri, etc.

4. How much time is required to explore all the places situated within the Mawsynram?

It takes only one day to explore Mawsynram and its beautiful places. But if you want to explore each and every place of Mawsynram then a maximum of two days is enough to do so.

5. Is visiting Mawsynram economical?

Yes, visiting Mawsynram is economical because it allows men to live a moment with nature. Nature is full of peace and calmness all around it.

6. Is visiting Mawsynram safe?

Yes, it is extremely safe for its visitors. In terms of safety, Mawsynram is going to be the best place to visit because on every site you’ll find a proper arrangement of things like barricades on the edges, safety instructions, and guides to ensure maximum safety.

7. Why is Mawsynram famous?

Mawsynram in Meghalaya is famous because it receives the heaviest rainfall compared to other parts of India. It also recorded that at some points in time it receives the heaviest rainfall in the entire world.

8. Is there any list of beautiful Mawsynram’s Places to Visit?

List of Mawsynram’s Places to Visit:
1. Jakrem Hot Water Spring
2. Mawjymbuin Cave
3. Mawlyngbna
4. Khreng Khreng Waterfall
5. Lum Symper Peak and Cave
6. Umkhakoi Lake

9. Apart from sightseeing, are there any other activities available for Mawsynram visitors?

Yes, apart from sightseeing you can also do adventure activities in Mawsynram like kayaking in the Mawlyngbna river and walking inside the longest cave in India.