Places to visit in Majuli

Majuli is a beautiful river island on the powerful River Brahmaputra that is pollution-free and covered with lush greenery. It draws visitors from around the globe since it is the largest river island on the planet. Majuli is a good candidate to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Majuli’s way of life is distinct and is primarily populated by Tribes. Assam’s cultural capital is another name for it. There is a great deal of music, dancing at the festivals that are held here, and they are all joyful and vibrant. It is an amazing experience to witness Raas, the primary celebration where Majuli is a town. Historically and culturally rich, Majuli is a mysterious location. It is the greatest river on an island in the world and the seat of the Sattriya culture, which, since the fifteenth century, has been instrumental in bringing together the various ethnic groups in the area through the dissemination of Neo-philosophical Vaishnavism and cultural traditions. However, danger is approaching quickly. The largest river island in the world has been reduced to a size that is less than halved originally due to continuous erosion and flooding. Will the Brahmaputra swallow up one of the widest river isles in the world? Has been the major concern that specialists are now grappling with. If research is to be believed, this island will be entirely submerged by 2030 due to an enormous sediment runoff. The months of October through December are the ideal times to travel to Majuli Island. Due to the island’s thriving cultural scene, it has been referred to as the “culture centre of Assam” since the 16th century. The three-day Raas Leela event is held in the middle of November. One can plan the trip properly and take part in the pomp and show. You will receive a friendly welcome from everyone here. Indulge in a day of activities in the village while you are with them. Take part in the creation of homemade items like pottery or tribal masks to bring as gifts home.