Dawki River

Places to visit in Dawki

Dawki Tourist Places

Dawki never ceases to surprise its visitors from its hidden beauty. It is a town in Meghalaya bordering Bangladesh. Some of the best palces to visit in Dawki are the crystal clear Umngot River, the cleanest Mawlynnong Village. Dawki is popularfor its clean river and beautiful green surroundings and it acts as a gateway Bangladesh.

Major Dawki Tourist Places include:
Dawki River (Umngot River)
Borhill Falls
Shnongpdeng Village

Other Best Places to Visit in Dawki are:
Mawlynnong Village
Single Living Root Bridge

Dawki is around 95 kilometers from Shillong and is within 2 kilometers of the Bangladesh border and therefore you can see numerous tourists throng in Dawki from Bangladesh. Dawki attracts a lot of tourists all round the year. People come here boating in the cleanest Umngot River which is among the top in the list of Dawki’s places to visit. Besides these the cleanest village of Mawlynnong is famous among travelers in India and abroad. All these makes Dawki one of the best tourist destinations in Meghalaya.

Best Time To Visit Dawki

Though you can visit Dawki all throughout the year, the best time and season to visit Dawki is during the summer or winter seasons and it is also the best time to visit dawki river. During the months of November to May, the scenic atmosphere and climate are at their prime and the Dawki lake shillong is one its clearest form.

Best Places to stay in Dawki

NamePrice (Tentative)
Betelnut ResortStarts from Rs.5000/- per night.
Shaiti HomestayStarts from Rs.4000/- per night.
Areca CottagesStarts from Rs./- per night.
Deli Baiar Guest HouseStarts from Rs.3500/-per night.
Ka Bri War ResortStarts from Rs.3548/- per night.

Weather in Dawki

The climate of Dawki is subtropical highland, with cold, dry winters and cool, wet summers. Though rainfall frequency is lower in the winter, it does often fall throughout the year. Showers of varying intensity can occur at any time of day. Dawki can be visited at any time of year; there is no set season or month for visiting. The winters are cool but not too cold, and the lack of rain makes visiting Dawki a pleasurable experience. The monsoons enhance the natural splendor of Dawki during the spring and summer months. The only issue is that heavy rains may produce landslides and road closures, so prepare carefully before taking your friends and family on holiday.

Summer(April-June) 25°C-30°C
Monsoon(July-September) 20°C-24°C
Winter(October-March) 14°C-17°C

Frequently Asked Questions about Places to visit in Dawki

1. What are the best places to visit in Dawki?

Some of the best places to visit within the Dawki are the Umngot river, Wah Umngot river, Jaflong Zero Point, Dawki river, Byrdaw Falls & Pomshutia.

2. Is there any romantic place available in Dawki?

Byrdaw Falls (Pomshutia) and Jaflong zero point are some beautiful and romantic spots situated in Dawki. Visiting these sites will charm your mood and make you relax in the lap of nature.

3. How many days are required to explore the whole spots of Dawki?

You can explore all its spots in just one day. But if you are an adventure lover then you will be needing one more day to complete all your adventure activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, cliff jumping, zip lining, etc.

4. Is visiting Dawki economical?

Yes, visiting Dawki is totally economical because it is full of activities along with sightseeing. You can perform various thrilling activities to make yourself strong from inside like cliff jumping, zip lining, etc.

5. Is visiting Dawki safe?

In terms of safety, Dawki is the best place within Meghalaya. Even on performing adventure activities, you will find an expert guy with you to ensure your maximum safety at every site.

6. Why is Dawki famous?

Dawki is famous because of its pretty spots and clyster clear river in entire India. And once upon a time, it used to be considered the cleanest river in Asia.

7. What-what activities can we perform in Dawki?

You can perform zip lining over the cleanest river at a height of 300 feet above ground level. 
You can navigate a kayak in the Umngot River,
You can scuba dive in the cleanest river in India. 
You can do snorkeling.
Lastly, you can also do cliff jumping.

8. What are the local dishes that we can find inside the Dawki?

Jadoh, Tungrambai, Kyat, Ktung, and Ki Ktu are some local dishes of Meghalaya that you can find in the local restaurants and fast food shops.

9. Are cellular networks available in Dawki?

Yes, you will find a very good strength of cellular networks out here. And at the same time if you want to show your friends staying in different states or different parts within the state then you can also do a live streaming for them.

10. Are drones are allowed in Dawki?

Yes, taking pictures and making videos with the help of drones are allowed  in Dawki . It may be restricted in some areas but under some terms and conditions even in that area you can use your drone.

11. What is Shillong to Dawki distance?

The distance from Shillong to dawki is 81 km which is almost 3 hours drive.