Nameri National Park: Attractions to Witness

If you are interested in exploring wildlife at the fullest, the Nameri National Park is the one ideally suited to meet your expectations. It is situated in the Sonitpur district of the state of Assam. The district itself lies in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas. The biodiversity that this place offers is not to be seen everywhere. The Jia-Bhoroli river paves its way through the National Park. It remains connected to the famous Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh. As a whole, both these forests cover an area of about 1000 sq km. Nameri in itself covers an area of about 200 sq km. Initially, it was named as Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary but in 1998, it was declared as a National Park.
The different species that the place has to offer ought to be leaving you awestruck. From mammals to reptiles to the ideal bird watching experience, you name it and it’s there for you. Apart from being a national park, it was also declared to be a tiger reserve in the year 1999.

Ways to Reach Nameri National Park?

No matter which part of the Indian subcontinent you are situated in, visiting this place is not much of a big deal. Almost all ways of transportation are available to and from this place. It is situated about 40 km from Tezpur and roadways are the ideal option to reach from Tezpur. Apart from that, the nearest railway station happens to be the RangaPara Station distanced at about 21 km from the National Park. The Tezpur airport is the nearest connected airway to reach this ideal destination. Distanced at about 35 km form the airport, one can reach the place easily by road after landing at the nearest airport.

Best Time To Visit Nameri National Park

The place is usually dry, excepting the downpour season. Anytime between the months of November till May is perhaps the ideally suited time to witness all that the place has to offer.

Things To Do At Nameri National Park

Well, this is still a query for many. But the fact is that, apart from experiencing the wildlife, there is a lot more that one can indulge into. Let us take you on a roller coaster ride discovering the multiple facets of visiting the place.

Angling at Nameri:

This is a great activity to be undertaken by the anglers who come up from different parts of the world. The river Jia- Bharali makes its ways through the national park which thus offers an enriching experience. This activity is provided with the assistance of the forest department of assam and assam bhoroli anglers. November is considered the ideal time to undertake the activity. Angling in Nameri is available between the months of October till April.

Nameri River Rafting:

This is another adventure sport that one can undertake in this region. The Jia-Bhoroli river encompasses about 15 kms and is ideal for level one rafting experience. For rafting, the forest entry charges vary for Indian tourists as well as foreign tourists. However, rafting charges are the same for all. The larger boats are priced at INR 2700 with a maximum capacity of 4 people. The smaller boats on the other hand are priced at INR 2000 for just 2 people. It includes all other charges relevant to the occasion. Thus, depending on the strength of your group, you can pick any of the services.

Nameri Wildlife Trekking:

A jungle walk amidst true beauty of nature with biodiversity is perhaps the ideal thing to do. Thus, the Nameri park offers a 5km trekking experience for the seekers of thrill and adventure. Forest entry charges for trekking also varies for Indian as well as foreign tourists. For Indian tourists it is rated at INR 50 per person and for foreigners, it is INR 500 per person. Also, if you want to opt for still or video photography, the charges are extra for the same.

Elephant and Boat Safari:

Apart from the adventurous and thrilling activities, one can also undertake some casual activities such as boating. Also, if the jungle walk is not your thing, elephant safari ought to be ideal for you. A beautiful humpy ride on an elephant back is both relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.

Wildlife/Biodiversity of Nameri National Park

A national park is supposed to be the preservers of the true beauty of nature. Similarly, for this park too, nothing falls short in terms of preserving the flora and fauna of the place. All of the different varieties of mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes are part of it. Let us look in detail at the different variants.


It is home to about 30 different species of animals. Tiger, Leopard, Black Panther, Sloth Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Elephant, Dhole, Sambar, Barking Deer, Fox, Hispid Hare, Indian Hare, Capped Langur, Assamese Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan yellow Throated Martin, Malayan giant Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Wild Pig and many more are seen here.


Over 315 exotic varieties of birds seek shelter here. Some of them include White winged wood duck, Great Pied Hornbill, Rufous Necked Hornbill, Black Stork, Ibis Bill, Large Whistling Teal, Long Billed Ring Plover, Hill Myna, Pin tailed green Pigeon, Three Toed kingfisher, Greater spotted Eagle, White ramped vulture, Longo billed vulture and the list goes on.


Turtles and snakes are the attractive reptiles found in the place. Some of the varieties include Asian Leaf Turtle, Assam Roof Turtle, Cobra, Indian soft-Shelled Turtle, Malayan Box Turtle, Narrow Headed Soft-Shelled Turtle, Pit Viper, Python, Rat Snake and others.


Ahollock, Ajar, Amari, Bogipoma, Bonjolokia, Titachopa, Urium poma, Hatipolia akhakan, Siya Nahar, Simul, are found here. Creepers, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Lianas, and Tree Fern also remain evidently visible.


More than 700 different species of butterflies form a part of this place. Some of them are Hesperiidae, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae and Peridae.

Best Places to Stay Near Nameri National Park

If you are looking for the ideal place to stay close to your destination, take a look at our recommendation.

  • ⦁ Jia Bhorali Wild Resort
  • ⦁ Nameri Eco Camp
  • ⦁ Wild Mahseer
  • ⦁ Nameri Biligara Camp

Whether looking for a budget friendly or luxurious stay, you can have it all close to the place. right from good and delicious food to other facilities, all of it has been looked after with great care.

Nearby Major Attractions From Nameri National Park

Some of the other national parks that Assam ahs been accredited with are:

  • ⦁ Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
  • ⦁ Kaziranga National Park
  • ⦁ Manas National Park
  • ⦁ Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park Assam

You can plan to visit these places too to satisfy your cravings and love for wildlife and nature. Also, the adjoining pakhui wildlife sanctuary can also be your place of visit.

Travel Advice On Nameri National Park

It is recommended that you carry your essentials along. Also, comfortable clothing and footwear is a must on any trip/tour. As a piece of advice, avoiding the holiday and peak season is the best as bookings and related things take quite a lot of time. Leaving all of its cons behind, the experience that it offers is ultimately all worth the wait.

Other Useful Contact

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