Mount Everest

Larger than Life experience of trekking the Everest Base Camp

When we commonly hear the name, “Mount Everest” our mind thinks about the highest peak on earth. That’s true! But it is really thrilling and exciting when it is about trekking the Everest Base Camp. It is not the scary and terrifying experience that one imagines the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek to be, trekking to base camp is actually a lot of fun. A once in a lifetime experience for many of us. Earlier the high budget for Everest Base Camp Trek made it difficult for many of us to think about it but now it is affordable. Now there is an opportunity to mountain lovers and enthusiastic people to trek the Everest Base Camp at a very affordable price and experience the amazing view of the Himalayas and specially the highest peak on earth, The Mount Everest


For trekking the Everest Base Camp you have to reach Kathmandu from you will be picked up and taken for the entire trek. The trekking is for 15 days and it starts from Lukla, goes to base camp and back, and can be done comfortably within 15 days. Accommodation, Experience Guide and a team of travelers and trekkers will make the Everest Base Camp Trek a wonderful, thrilling and adventurous memory for anyone. Walking down the Himalayas for days with its spectacular view, enjoying the company of the fellow trekkers and reaching the Everest Base Camp is a amazing and wonderful experience which will have an everlasting impact. For going to the highest peak on earth and a very high altitude region of the globe there are certain recommendations and guidelines by experts which should be kept in mind and should be followed to make the expedition a wonderful trip of a lifetime.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Everest Base Camp

There are two distinct trekking seasons. Pre-Monsoon i.e. March to Mid-June) and Post –Monsoon i.e. Mid-September- December. These are the best time period to experience the trekking of the Everest Base Camp but trekking can be done in other periods too.
If you are a photographer or wants to capture the amazing scenery then the above time period is probably the best time of the year to visit Everest Base Camp. Trekkers can havr an amazing view plenty of flora on mountains during trekking and the climate too is clear and pleasant.

Recommended things to carry on with you

What to pack? The first question which comes to our mind while beginning any journey. But it is a special journey and as such items to carry on must also be special. Carry a proper trekking apparel which includes a good trek Jacket, trek Pant, Hats, Gloves, Socks, Down Jackets, Sleeping bags etc. Buy Hiking Poles to help ease the pressure off your knees and also to balance while clambering over loose rocks. Carry chocolates, energy bars and other snacks to fuel your body for the trek. Water purification tablets for drinking water which you can get easily from supermarkets in Kathmandu at a cheaper price. Keep some cash in hand as there are no ATM’s in some places during the trekking. Have a good first aid kit.

During the Trek keep your cell phone close to your body even while sleeping. Charging battery is very costly there. The cold weather drain batteries quickly in the Everest Region, extend their life by keeping them warm.

Preparing your body for the Everest trek

One is not required to be an athlete in order to trek the Everest Base camp Trek. But one should be fit and healthy to enjoy the trek and the long walks. Here are some tips for preparing your body for the trek in order to increase your physical stamina and lung capacity:

  • Start exercising about 4 (four) weeks before the trek.
  • Exercises like running, walking, swimming, cycling etc. for a healthy cardiac.
  • Do squats, pull-ups, push ups, dead lifts, etc. to strengthen your muscles
  • Do not do over-exercising..      

Emergency Contacts

It is recommended that you have the following emergency contact details:

Himalaya Rescue Association: +977-1-4440292/ 4440293/4262746
Tourism Crisis Unit +977- 97510-44088
Nepal Tourism Board: +977-4256909/4256229
Tourist Police, Tribhuvan International Airport: +977-1-6227122
Tribhuvan International Airport: 4472256/4472257

Police: 100, Tourist Police (Bhrikuti Mandap): 4226359/4226403
Ambulance Red Cross: 4228094