How to Reach Tawang

Tawang is an alluring destination situated at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level. It belongs to the orchid state of India which is Arunachal Pradesh. This mesmerizing town is popular because of its scenic vistas which it offers to its visitors. If you love snowfall then visiting it during the winter months will be the best option. During the winter season, it also offers many snow sports to its visitors like Skiing, ski biking, ice skating, and many more. Tawang is nestled at a great altitude therefore, it does not have any Airport or railhead. One can access this location only by roads and highways. This is the only town in Arunachal that has all the picturesque qualities in terms of lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and oldest monuments. Although this beautiful town can only be accessed by buses and journeys may be long. But the roads and highways that lead travelers to Tawang are full of scenic places.

Tawang Travel By Road

The majestic Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh make the road trip to Tawang a delight to observe. The roads that lead travellers to Tawang are full of pictures of places in between. If you visit it during the coldest months of the year then you are going to enjoy your road trip a lot. As you can witness thick blanket-like covers over every mountain. Road journeys usually take much time to reach the location of Tawang but if you want to enjoy the excursion at the utmost level then a road trip is simply perfect to do so. The final way by which a traveller can reach Tawang is through the roadway only. Because it does not have any major airport or railhead. The unwinding roads that help visitor reach their destination are completely extraordinary. After arriving and landing at its nearest airport and railhead travellers have to cover their leftover journey by road. If you are arriving first at Guwahati city by any means of transportation then you have multiple roadway services to reach the town of Tawang, you can visit Tawang from Guwahati by bus, cab or taxi and if you are an adventurous youth then you have one more option as rental bike service. Bus: As Tawang does not have any airport and railhead therefore excellent highway and roads has been developed within the state of Arunachal. So that travellers may have a comfortable ride while reaching the location of Tawang. From Guwahati, Tezpur, and Silchar there are numerous buses that can easily transfer travellers. Travellers can also choose a bus service according to their budget. Car: if you are travelling from Guwahati and Tezpur to Tawang town then you may get a shared cab or taxi. Sharing taxis or cabs to Tawang helps travellers to reduce the cost of travelling a lot. The moment you step out from the Guwhati Railhead and Jorhat railhead you can witness lots of cab driver who provides cab services to tourists. If you travelling with a group of people then a private taxi will go to be the best option. Bike: If you love adventure things then you can opt for a rental bike service to reach the location of Tawang. Travelling on a bike within a mountainous region provides an experience which is really hard to explain. And if you are travelling to Tawang and you have a group of people then you must try this extraordinary activity. The routes that lead bikers to reach Tawang are full of scenic vistas. It is also termed that you can witness a synonym of portraits that people used to hang in their sitting rooms.

Distance in kilometers and time durationFrom
618 kilometers and about 17 hoursCherrapunji–Tawang
1,370 kilometers and about 35 hoursKolkata–Tawang
945 Kilometres and about 25 hoursAgartala–Tawang
808 kilometers and About 22 hoursSiliguri–Tawang
440 kilometres and about 13 hoursGuwahati–Tawang

Tawang Travel By Railways

Tawang is situated at a great elevation therefore if you are planning to visit Tawang by train then, unfortunately, you have to arrive first at its closest railhead which is Rangapara Railhead. And this railhead is situated in the state of Assam within the city of Tezpur. From Tezpur railway station travelers have to cover a distance of 320 kilometers to reach Tawang. Getting a bus or cab service from this railhead to twang is not a big deal. Because the moment you step out from this railhead you can observe numerous cab service providers that can lead you to your desired destination in Tawang. If you don’t want to cover your leftover journey with a cab then you can book a bus ticket from the Tezpur bus stand. Within the Tezpur bus stand fleet, there are several types of buses available to provide a comfortable ride. A traveler can select A/C, Deluxe, or super-deluxe buses from the bus stand according to their budget and requirements. Rangapara railhead is well connected with Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and many more. In case you are not getting a straight train service for your living place to Rangapara Railhead, then you can go for Guwahati Railhead which is situated at a distance of 442 kilometres. Guwahati is referred to as one of the biggest cities in the northeastern region of India therefore it has connectivity with almost every major railhead of India. The total distance between Tawang and Guwahati can be covered by bus as regular buses run between these two major cities. From Guwahati, a traveller can also book a cab or hire a taxi to reach the location of Tawang. The only this which is not favourable with the cab services is their fares. The fares that the cab service providers used to charge to travelers are a bit high compared to the bus services. Some of the well-known train names are given below that have a well-connectivity with the Guwahati railhead.

Train name and numberFrom
Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express (12423)Delhi to Tezpur
Humsafar Express (12504)Bangalore to Guwahati
LTT KYQ AC EXP (12519)Mumbai to Guwahati
Kamprup Express (15959)Kolkata to Tezpur
SC GHY EXPRESS (12513)Hyderabad to Guwahati

Tawang Travel By Air

If you are planning to visit the location of Tawang by air then unfortunately you will not be able to do so as it does not have its own airport. The closest airport a traveler can witness near to this mesmerizing town is Sonibari Airport which is situated in the state of Assam. From this airport, travelers have to cover a distance of 330 kilometers to reach the town of Tawang. Tezpur airport has minimum connectivity, a traveler who is staying in the cities like Kolkata and Silchar can avail of direct flight services. However, if you are not getting a straight flight service to Tezpur Airport for your living town then you have one more option as Guwahati International Airport or Lokrpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. This airport is also referred to as the major Airport in the northeastern region of India as it is well connected to cities that lie outside India that as Bangkok, Paro, and Bhutan. From this airport, regular buses are there to reach the location of Tawang. The total distance a traveler has to cover to reach the town of Tawang from Guwahati is 448 kilometers and it takes about 15 hours. After landing at the Guwahati International Airport a traveler has to visit first at Paltan Bazar Bus stand where he/she can find the busses for Tawang. Within the Tawang, Bus stand travelers can observe multiple buses which are classified according to their facilities. Travelers can choose an A/C Bus, Deluxe, super-deluxe bus, and Volvo bus according to their necessity and budget. From Guwahati International Airport flights like Spice Jet, Air India, and Jet Airways used to operate, plus this airport is well connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Therefore, if are staying in these major cities then you have a direct flight service to this International Airport. Some of the flight’s names and their timing are mentioned below which are available to reach Guwahati Airport from the major cities.

AirIndiaDelhi to North Lakhimpur
VistaraMumbai to North Lakhimpur
Air India, VistaraAhmedabad to North Lakhimpur
IndiGoBangalore to North Lakhimpur
Vistara, Air IndiaAhmedabad to North Lakhimpur