How to Reach Mawsynram

Mawsynram is a small village in Meghalaya which is referred to as the wettest place on earth. It is situated in the district of East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. It is nestled at a great altitude. Cherrapunji which is termed the second wettest place on earth is quite close to this location and a traveller can easily get a cab service to reach the site of Cherrapunji from Mawsynram. A traveller has to cover a distance of 60 kilometres to reach the site of Mawsynram from Shillong. The route that leads travellers to reach Massynram is quite mesmerising as it is filled with lush green Landscapes, small-small waterfalls, viewpoints and many more. If you are a nature plus outdoor sports lover then Mamsynram is a location in India which will not disappoint you.

Mawsynram Travel By Road

Road travelling in terms of visiting Mawsynram is really outstanding. Mawsynram is well-connected by road to Shillong the capital city of Meghalaya and Guwahati the major commercial city of the northeastern region of India. The road route that helps visitors to reach Mawsynram from Guwahati is bordered by lush green trees, cloud-capped hills and outstretched farming lands. From Guwahati, travellers have to cover a distance of 172 kilometres to outreach Mawsynram via National Highway 6. If you are planning to drive down to Mawsynram from your living place then you have to arrive first at Guwahati city through National Highway 31 and National Highway 37. National Highways 31 and 37 are attached to almost every major city of Assam as well as of the country. After arriving at the city you have to continue leftover your journey by National Highway 6 and it will help you to reach the capital city of Meghalaya. After arriving at Shillong you have to travel by Shillong-Mawsynram road and cover a distance of 61 kilometres to reach the destination. Sightseeing in Mawsynram, Meghalaya is literally done by cabs and taxis. But if are an adventurous junky then you can opt for a rented bike service in Guwahati and ride down to the Masynram location. If you are not familiar with bike riding in the Hilly region then you must avoid this activity and it same applies to self-driving travellers. If you don’t have any previous experience driving and riding a bike in the mountainous region, then you should not try these activities even though the road condition within the state is quite good, especially if you are visiting Mawsynram during the monsoon months. Some of the closest major cities and their distance from Mawsynram are mentioned below.

Distance in kilometers and time durationFrom
154 kilometres and about 3 hoursGuwahati-Mawsynram
507 kilometres and about 11 hoursAgartala-Mawsynram
435 kilometres and about 9 hoursAizawl- Mawsynram
308 kilometres and about 7 hoursDhaka (Bangladesh)-Masynram
600 kilometres and about 6 hoursImphal-Mawsynram

Mawsynram Travel By Railways

If you are moving with a train to Mawsynram then unluckily you will be able to move only till Guwahati Railway Station. Because Mawsymram does not have its own railhead. Guwahati Railhead is situated in the state of Assam and from this station, a traveller has to ask a cab service provider to outreach the location of Masynram. Guwahati railhead is well-connected with major cities railhead like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Hyderabad and many more. If you book a cab from Guwahati to Mawsynram then you have to cover a distance of 152 kilometres and for a cab, it takes about 4 hours to reach the destination of Mawsynram. It is also suggested that you must arrive first at Guwahati and then visit Mawsynram, so that you can witness the beauty of Meghalaya from the initial stage. If you don’t like travelling by air then you can catch a train service to Guwahati railhead as it is connected to almost every corner of the country. Some well-known trains anime are given below that have straight connectivity with Guwahati.

Train name and numberFrom
LTT KYQ Special (02255)Mumbai to Kamakhya
YPRKYQ AC EXP (2551)Chennai to Guwahati
BNC GHY EXP (02509), SBC NTSK SPECIAL (02249)Bangalore to Guwahati
Avadh Assam Express (15910)Lalgarh to Chapramukh Jn
Brahmputra Mail (14055)Old Delhi to Guwahati

Mawsynram Travel By Air

The fastest way to reach the location of Mawsynram is by air. But woefully you will not be able to reach the site of Mawsynram by flight service. Because the town of Mawsynram does not have an airport. The closest airport to Mawsynram is Umroi airport or Shillong airport which is situated at a distance of 86 kilometres. After landing at the airport travellers have to opt for a cab service to reach the Mawsynram site. There are multiple vehicles available near the airport that used to ply between Shillong Airport and Mawsynram. By road, a traveller will require about two and a half hours to reach the location of Masynram. Shillong Airport is referred to as the domestic airport and it has connectivity with Kolkata, Bagadira and Imphal only. Therefore, travellers from these cities can avail of a direct flight service to Umroi Airport. If you are living in a town from where you could not find any straight flight service to Umroi airport then you can arrive first at Guwahati International Airport or Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport instead of Umroi airport. At Guwahati Airport numerous cab and taxi services are available that can transfer a traveller to Mawsynram. The total distance a visitor has to cover to reach the site of Mawsynram from Guwahati is 172 kilometres. If you are moving with a cab then it will fetch you around 5 hours to reach your desired destination in Mawsynram. To ease the uncertainty some flights name are given below, which have direct/regular flight service to Guwahati airport.

IndiGo, Alliance AirKolkata to Umroi Airport
SpicejetJaipur to Guwahati Airport
FlybigPatna to Guwahati Airport
IndiGoLucknow to Guwhati Airport
AirAsiaChennai to Guwahati airport