How to Reach Majuli

Majuli is a beautiful river island, which is referred to as the biggest river island in the world. As its total coastline is about 352 square kilometers. This mesmerizing island is quite close to Jorhat city which has connectivity with many major cities. From Jorhat, a traveler of Majuli have to cover a distance of 400 kilometers to reach the coastline of Majuli. In the beginning, this island has a total coastline of 1,255 but due to continuous soil erosion, most of its areas get submerged inside the river. Majuli is a popular tourist destination situated on the River Brahmaputra and one has to opt for a ferry service to reach the coastline of Majuli.

Majuli Travel By Road

If you are traveling to Majuli by road then you are going to experience the best road trip of your life, as the road that leads travelers to the Nemmati river bank is well maintained. If you are traveling from Guwahati to Jorhat by bus then you have to cover a distance of 292 kilometers to reach Jorhat town. Frequent buses are available from the bus stand of Paltan Bazar within Guwahati city. If you are traveling by bus then your journey will take around 8 hours. Buses that lead travelers to Jorhat are a time constraint therefore you must check the timing before booking a bus service. If you are eager to visit the island as early as possible then you can opt for a cab service. As multiple cabs and taxi services are available from Guwahati to Neemati Ghat. If you are staying in the northeastern region of India then you don’t have to visit first at Guwahati city you can directly visit Jorhat city, The total distance between Shillong the capital city of Meghalaya, and Majuli is 286 kilometers and it takes about 8 hours for a cab to reach the Jorhat city from Shillong. If you are traveling from Shillong then you have to cross several towns to reach Jorhat city. During your journey from Shillong to Majuli, you will come across towns like Nongpoh, Jorabat, Jagiroad, Chaparmukh, Nagaon, and Bokakhat/Numaligarh.

Distance in kilometers and time durationFrom
455 kilometers and about 12 hoursCherrapunji–Majuli
1,340 kilometers and about 34 hoursKolkata–Majuli
857 Kilometres and about 24 hoursAgartala–Majuli
760 kilometers and About 19 hoursSiliguri–Majuli
274 kilometres and about 10 hourArunachal–Majuli

Majuli Travel By Railways

If you want to travel to Majuli by train then unfortunately you will not be able to reach the coastline of, Majuli by train as it has no railway station. The only way a traveler can reach this location is through a ferry service. The nearest railhead to this location is Jorhat railhead from here a traveler has to hire a cab to Neemati Ghat. To reach the Neemati river bank a traveler has to cover a distance of 291 kilometers and it takes about six hours from Jorhat railhead. Jorhat railhead is well connected to many big cities of Assam like Kamakhya, Guwahati, Dimapur, and many more. To reach the coastline of Majuli by train a traveler has to arrive first at Guwahati railhead, if you are traveling from a major city like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and many more. In Guwahati Railhead there are numerous trains available for Jorhat Railhead. After arriving at the Guwahati railhead a traveler can take another train to Jorhat or you can hire a cab to Nematai Ghat. if you are willing to travel with a cab then you can also opt for a bus service from Guwahati’s Paltan Bazar Bus Stand. The total distance between Guwahati and Nemaati river banks by road is 292 kilometers. From Neemati Ghat a traveler can easily visit Majuli through the ferry service. Some of the famous trains’ names are mentioned below those have a direct train service to Guwahati from the major cities of India.

Train name and numberFrom
Kanchanjunga Express (13173)Kolkata Sealdah–Guwahati–Agartala
Lohit express (15651)Jammu Tawi–Guwahati
Avadh Assam Express (15910)Dibrugarh–Guwahti–Rajasthan
Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express (12423)Dibrugarh town–Guwahati–New Delhi
Agartala Rajdhani Express (20502)Agartala–Guwahati–New Delhi
Bangalore Humsafar Express (12503)Agartala–Guwahati–Bangaluru

Majuli Travel By Air

The fastest way by which you can reach Majuli island is by air. And near this alluring river island, there are two airports namely Jorhat Airport and Guwahati International Airport. From these two airports, Jorhat Airport which is also pronounced as Rowriah Airport is considered the closest airport to Majuli which is about 365 kilometres from the Mjuli island. After landing at this airport you have to book a cab service to reach the Neemati Ghat, from this River bank you have to opt for a ferry service to reach the coastline of Majuli. Jorhat airport has good connectivity with cities like Kolkata, Guwahati, and Bangalore. Apart from Jorhat Airports travelers of Majuli have one more option which has massive connectivity and that is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. It is well connected to many major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and many more. From this airport, travelers have to book a cab or hire a taxi to reach the location of Majuli Island. To reach the Majuli island at an affordable fare you can also opt for bus services from the Guwahati main city. After arriving at the airport you have to cover a distance of 18 kilometers to reach Paltan Bazar Bus Stand. From there you can get the buses that lead you to Neemati Ghat. Thereafter you have to continue your leftover journey by ferry. There are numerous ferry service providers available at the Neemati Ghat or River bank from morning to evening. It takes around two hours to reach the coastline of Majuli by ferry. Some of the regular flight names and flight numbers listed below that used to fly it between Guwahati and major cities of India are

IndiGo, Air Indiakolkata–Guwahati
AirAsia, VistaraBengaluru–Guwahati
IndiGo, AirAsiaImphal–Guwahati
Spicejet, IndiGoMumbai–Guwahati
IndiGo, AirAsiaChennai–Guwahati

By ship in Majuli

To get to Majuli isle travelers have to opt for a ferry service from the Neemati river bank which is about 15 kilometers from the Jorhat main city. If you’re traveling by cab or bus then from Jorhat city you have to take another taxi or Rickshaw service to reach the river Bank. it takes around thirty minutes to reach Nemmati Ghat from Jorhat main city. From Neemati Ghat ferries leave at a duration gap of one hour from 8 am to 4 pm. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Majuli island. Majuli can be reached only by ferry services and altogether there are two ferry rides required to reach the coastline of Majuli island. The first ride used to take around one hour to reach and the second ride used to take about 10-15 minutes to reach the isle. Majuli is a river island therefore it is not connected by roads and railheads. After reaching the coastline of Majuli a traveler has to opt for a bus service to reach the main city of Majuli.