How to Reach Kaziranga

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is considered the most searched-after destination in India due to its extraordinary character. This beautiful park is the only park in the world that serves the largest population of one-horned rhinoceros, it serves nearly 66 percent of its total inhabitants which thereafter makes ⅔ of its entire population within the world. This wildlife sanctuary is the best place to witness some of the massive and giant animals of the jungle like Tigers, leopards, wild elephants, wild buffalos, swamp deers, Hoolock Gibbons, Goar, and many more. UNESCO has declared Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary a World Heritage site as it has rich flora and fauna. This outstanding park is situated in the northeastern part of India within the state of Assam. This park is situated on the river bank of Brahmaputra therefore it helps the sanctuary to remain dense green throughout the year. This majestic park is connected with many cities within the state through well-maintained state highways and national highways. Travelers can easily witness railway stations and airports near this park, therefore, you can easily access this location by flight or Train services. From the starting date of November till the last date of April Kaziranga remains open and remaining months Kaziiranga remains completely closed. Kaziranga remains closed for six months because of flood water. It is situated next to the Brahmaputra river therefore during the monsoon months due to heavy rainfall when the water level increase in the river it enters the zones of Kaziranga. Which thereafter makes it difficult for the excursion.

Kaziranga Travel By Road

If you are planning to visit Kaziranga by road then you are going to enjoy your trip at the utmost level. Because the highway that leads travellers to Kaziranga is quite good. The main entrance gate of this park is built in the small town of Kohara. This Kohara Zone of Kaziranga is located next the National Highway 37. Which thereafter helps travellers to visit it from cities like Guwahati, Tezpur, Jorhat, Nagaon, Golaghat, Dimapur, Tinsukia, Sivasagar, and many more. The closest vital cities like Guwahati and Jorhat of Assam are well-connected to other parts of India through the air, train, and bus services. After arriving in these cities you can book a cab to Kaziranga National Park at a reasonable price. If you are staying in Jorhat city then you have to travel a distance of 88 kilometers to the west of Jorhat city to reach the destination of Kaziranga National Park. The route from Jorhat to kazirnga follows; Jorhat–Dergaon–Rangamati–Badulipur–Kamargaon–Numaligarh Tiniali–Behora–Bokakhat–Kohara. If you are traveling from Silchar then first of all you have to reach Nagaon Bypass through Bandarkhal then you have to head towards Jatinga. From Jatinga you have to cross Haflong, Mahur, Maibang, and Lumding to reach Dobaka. From Dobaka you have to arrive at Katiatoli to cover a distance of 86 kilometers to reach the Kaziranga national park. If you are visiting Kaziranga from Shillong, then you can reach Kohara (Central Zone) through Jorabat, and the total distance between Shillong and Jorabat is 80 kilometers. From Shillong, a traveller has to cross Nongpoh and Umling to reach the location of Jorabat. From Jorabat travelers have to take a right on National Highway 37 and cross eleven small towns to reach the Kaziranga namely; Sonapur – Khetri – Jagiroad – Nelli – Dharamtul – Nagaon (bypass) – Puranigodam – Samaguri – Kaliabor Tiniali (junction from where one can divert to Tezpur) – Jakhlabandha. After crossing Jakhlabandha you will directly enter the Burapahar Zone of Kaziranga. But to reach the entrance gate of Kaziranga which is situated in the Central Zone you have to cover a distance of 13 kilometers.

Distance in kilometers and time durationFrom
232 kilometers and about 7 hoursCherrapunji–Kaziranga National Park
1,152 kilometers and about 28 hoursKolkata–Kaziranga National Park
452 Kilometres and about 15 hoursAgartala–Kaziranga National Park
610 kilometers and About 13 hoursSiliguri–Kaziranga National Park
200 kilometres and about 6 hoursArunachal–Kazirnga National Park

Kaziranga Travel By Railways

If you are planning to travel by train then the nearest railhead to Kaziranga is the Furkating railhead. And it is situated at a distance of 75 kilometers from the National park. This Furkating Railhead is connected by many trains with some of the major cities of India like Guwahati, Kolkata, New Delhi, and many more. Apart from this railhead, there are two more railheads that are located close to Kaziranga; first, at a distance of 90 kilometers, by the name Jorhat Railhead and second, by the name Guwahati Railway Station at a distance of 240 kilometers. Both these railway stations are termed as the major railhead of northeast India. The moment you step out from these railheads you can observe multiple cabs and taxi service providers that can lead you to your desired destination. Guwahati Railway station is referred to as the broad and massively connected railhead in the northeast region of India. Because it is well connected to major cities of India like Kolkata, Lucknow, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and many more. Some of the major trains that have good connectivity with the Guwahati railhead are mentioned below.

Train name and numberFrom
Kanchanjunga Express (13173)Kolkata Sealdah–Guwahati–Agartala
Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express (12423)Dibrugarh town–Guwahati–New Delhi
Avadh Assam Express (15910)Dibrugarh–Guwahti–Rajasthan
Bangalore Humsafar Express (12503)Agartala–Guwahati–Bangaluru
Agartala Rajdhani Express (20502)Agartala–Guwahati–New Delhi
Lohit express (15651)Jammu Tawi–Guwahati
Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express (15906)Dibrugarh–Guwahati–Kanyakumari
Kolkata Garib Rath Express (12360)Patna–Guwahati–Kolkata
SC GHY EXPRESS (12513)Hyderabad–Guwahati
Aronai Superfast Express (12508)Thiruvananthapuram Central–Guwahati–Silchar

Kaziranga Travel By Air

Near Kaziranga, a traveler can observe five airports. Among them, Jorhat airport is the closest airport to Kaziranga which is about 97 kilometers away from the location. At a distance of 218 kilometers, travelers can also witness an international airport by the name Lokpriya Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati which has connectivity with some foreign nationals too along with national connectivity like Paro (Bhutan) and Bangkok (Thailand). If you are staying within the cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and many more then you can access a straight flight service to Guwahati International Airport. From both Airports, there are well-maintained highways that lead travelers to Kaziranga. The Guwahati International Airport is the best option to arrive at first because it has massive connectivity. You can get a direct flight service from any corner of the country to this Airport. From the airport, a traveler can easily book a cab or hire a taxi to the National park but if you are not willing to travel with a cab, then at a distance of 20 kilometers from the Airport near Paltan Bazar travelers can access a Bus Stand. From this Bus Stand, you can easily get a Government or private bus service at an affordable price to reach the location of Kaziranga National Park. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach the park from the bus stand. Jorhat airports have regular flights from Guwahati and Kolkata. After landing at Jorhat Aiport travelers have to travel for one and half-hour to reach the entry gate of Kaziranga which is built in the Kohara Zone. Some of the regular flight names are mentioned below that keep on flying in between Guwahati Airport and Major cities of India.

Air IndiaNew Delhi–Guwahati
Air indiaBangalore–Guwahati
Spice jetJaipur–Guwahati