How to Reach Jowai

Jowai is the only town in Meghalaya that has all the amenities to its travellers, it has numerous tourist destinations within its region. The state Meghalaya derives its name from Sanskrit which literally means abode of clouds. Therefore, Jowai receives a very large amount of rainfall during the monsoon months which thereafter helps the town to remain green throught out the year. The Jowai town also has some of the best scenic vistas of India within its region like the tallest waterfalls, cleanest rivers, and mesmerizing lakes.

Jowai Travel By Road

If you are planning to visit Jowai then for you the best way to explore this heart town of Meghalaya is through a road trip. This beautiful town is like the picture people used to hang in their sitting rooms. One can visit Meghalaya through a well-maintained highway NH-40 by self-driving or by hiring a Guwahati cab. Many ASTC ( Assam State Transport Corporation) and MTC (Meghalaya Transport Corporation) buses are available that can help a traveler to reach the capital city of Meghalaya which is Shillong. From Shillong, travelers have to hire another cab or bus to reach their desired destination in Jowai because there are hardly any buses available that can transport a traveller from Guwahati to Jowai. In Meghalaya, there is no railhead therefore, a traveler has to cover his/her journey through highways only. Even road transportation is referred to as the prime means of transferring goods and commodities from one place to another in Meghalaya. The total distance from Guwahati to Jowai is 161 kilometers while the distance between Shillong and Jowai is 66 kilometers. Some of the important cities’ names and distances from Jowai are mentioned below, have a look if you are traveling by road to Jowai.

Distance in kilometers and time durationFrom
160 kilometers and about 4 hoursGuwahati to Jowai
103 kilometers and about 3 hoursCherrapunji to Jowai
1190 kilometers and about 30 hoursKolkata to Jowai
400 Kilometres and about 13 hoursAgartala to Jowai
591 kilometers and About 15 hoursSiliguri to Jowai

Jowai Travel By Railways

In Jowai, Meghalaya there is no railhead therefore you will not be able to reach the location of Jowai by train. The nearest railhead to join is situated in Assam by the Guwahati railway station. From this railhead, a traveller has to opt for a cab/bus service to reach Shillong city. From this location, there are multiple cab/buses service available that can transfer a traveler of Jowai to their desired destination. The finest way by which you can reach the heart town of Meghalaya from Guwahati is by a rented car or bike. The road that joins Guwahati to Shillong is quite good and winding which provides lots of scenic vistas in between. There are two ways by which a traveler can reach Jowai, one is through Shillong while the other one is without crossing Shillong city. If you are planning to visit only Jowai by skipping the capital city of Meghalaya then near Umiam lake there is an alternative highway that can help travelers to reach Jowai directly. Some major trains are mentioned below that can help the travelers of Jowai, to reach one of the major railheads in the Northeastern part of India that is the Guwahati railhead:

Train name and numberFrom
New Tinsukia Express (15910)Darbhanga to Chapramukh Jn
Avadh Assam Express (15910)Lalgarh to Chapramukh Jn
LTT KYQ Special (02255)Mumbai to Kamakhya
BNC GHY EXP (02509)Bangalore to Guwahati
LTT GHY SPECIAL (05647)Mumbai to Guwahati
YPRKYQ AC EXP (2551)Chennai to Guwahati
DBRT Rajdhani(12424New Delhi to Guwahati
Brahmputra Mail (14055)Old Delhi to Guwahati
Guwahati Express (12515)Trivandrum to Guwahati

Jowai Travel By Air

Traveling by air is the fastest way to reach the desired destination in Jowai. Unfortunately, you will not be able to witness any airport in the Jowai region. At a distance of 72 kilometers from Jowai, Shillong airport is situated which is termed the closest airport to Jowai. But it has significantly less connectivity, if you are staying in places like Kolkata and Imphal then you can avail of a straight flight service to Shillong airport from your home town. Apart from Shillong/Umroi airport, there is one more option for Jowai travelers which has massive connectivity. At a distance of 178 kilometers, travelers can observe an international Aiport named Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Aiport which is well-connected to many major cities of India like Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and many more. Regular flights are available from these cities to Guwahati Internation Airport therefore, if you live in these major states then getting a direct flight service to Guwahati is not a big deal for you. After landing you have to opt for a taxi service that can transfer you to your desired destination.

Alliance AirImphal–Umroi
IndiGo, AirAsia (India)New Delhi-Guwahati

How to reach Jowai from Silchar

One can cover the journey from Silchar to Jowai by two different means of transportation. Firstly, you can opt for a rental cab service. Secondly, you can cover your journey on a bike near. If you are an adventurous youth then near Badarpur/Pamchagram you can opt for this rental bike service. If you are planning to visit jowai on a bike then you must start your journey early in the morning around five am, because during this time you will not face many traffic jams. Apart from cab and bike services, there are numerous ASTC (Assam State Transport Corporation) and MTC (Meghalaya Transport Corporation) buses available that keep on running between Shillong and Silchar.