How to Reach Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh or the Orchid State of India is located in the northeastern region of the country. It is popular all over India due to its picturesque vistas like waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and oldest monuments. Earlier people used to say that traveling to Arunachal is a hard nut to crack but now it is not so. A traveler can easily reach this state through various mediums of transportation. At present, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is well-connected by the medium of air, train, and road with major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and many more. In the year 2015, the state started operating its own railhead. But till now it does not have its own Airport. Roads and highways that lead travelers to Arunachal Pradesh are quite good in Condition. And the buses/cabs keep on running between Arunachal and many major cities through these highways. Even the roads and highways that help visitors to reach the state of Arunachal are full of scenic vistas. Although the state does not have its own airport it is quite close and can be reached easily through highways/roads.

Arunachal Pradesh Travel By Road

Road/highways trip to Arunachal Pradesh is quite beautiful as you can witness many scenic vistas next to the highways and roads. Arunachal is the only state in India that is easily accessible by roads as it has well-maintained highways and roads within the city. A traveler can visit the state of Arunachal from the major cities of Assam like Guwahati, Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Nagaon because there are several bus services available from these towns. A traveler can also get an inter-bus service to reach the state of Arunachal from some of its neighboring states like Meghalaya, Assam, And Nagaland. The total distance a traveler has to cover from the capital city of Meghalaya to reach Arunachal is 790 kilometers, and it takes around 20 hours to reach Arunachal from Shillong. Whereas from Assam and Nagaland capital city it is about 560 and 456 kilometers. The total time required to reach Arunachal from Assam and Nagaland is 16 and 14 hours. The national highways 15, 52, and 415 connect Arunachal with the neighboring states. If you have your own automobile then you can reach Itanagar the capital city of Arunachal driving down by own from Banderdewa, North Lakhimpur, Tezpur, and Guwhati through well-maintained highways. There are multiple APSTC (Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Service) state-owned buses available that keep on running between Arunachal to Tezpur and Guwahati. Some of the bus services timings are provided below:

Distance in kilometers and time durationFrom
2,139 kilometres and about 42 hoursDelhi to Itanagar
2,966 Kilometres and about 60 hoursMumbai to Itanagar
1,267 Kilometres and about 30 hoursKolkata to Itanagar
323 kilometres and about 8 hoursGuwahati to Itanagar
1372 Kilometres and about 35 hoursKolkata to Tawang
507 kilometres and about 13 hoursGuwahati to Tawang

Arunachal Pradesh Travel By Railways

Gone are the days when people used to say that reaching the state of Arunachal Pradesh by train is not at all possible. In the year 2015, this beautiful state built its own railhead by the Naharlagun railhead and it has direct connectivity with Delhi station. There are only two trains that run on this rail line network and those are Naharlagun -Guwahati Intercity Express and New Delhi AC SF Express. The main railhead to Arunachal Pradesh is located in the state of Assam By the anime Harmuti train station. It is about 50 kilometers away from the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar. This station has direct connectivity with almost every major town in the northeastern region of India. If you are not getting a straight train service to Naharlagun railway station then you can opt for this railhead trains service. Some of the names of the popular trains mentioned below that join Naharlagun and Harmuti railheads from this major city of India are North East Express, Donyi Polo Express, Arunachal Express, and Dibrugarh Rajdhani.

Train name and numberFrom
Arunachal Express (22412)Delhi to Itanagar
LTT Guwahati Express (15645)Mumbai to Guwahati
Kamakhya Express (15667)Ahmedabad to Guwahati
Goa Express (12780) & LTT Guwahati EXP (15645)Pune to Guwahati
YPR KYQ Express (12551)Bangalore to Guwahati
Saraighat Express (12345)Kolkata to Guwahati

Arunachal Pradesh Travel By Air

Arunachal Pradesh is a state in India that does not have its own airport due to its mountainous regions therefore a traveler will not get a straight flight service to this orchid state. The nearest airport to this state is located in the state of Assam by the name Lilabari Airport. It is located quite close to the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh that is Itanagar. Lilabari airport is a domestic airport therefore it receives flights only on four days of the week that is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Guwahati and Kolkata. So if you are planning to fly to this Airport then there is a chance that you may not get a straight flight to this airport from your living place. In that case, you can opt for a flight service of Guwahati International Airport as it has direct Flight services from almost all the major cities of India. It has straight connectivity with cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and many more. This Guwahati International Airport or Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport also provides international flight services like Guwahati–Bangkok, Guwahati–Paro, Guwahati–Bhutan, and many more. Some of the flight names and timing are mentioned below to ease the difficulties of travelers in visiting Arunachal.

IndiGo,Vistara, and Air IndiaDelhi to North Lakhimpur
Air India, IndiGoMumbai to North Lakhimpur
VistaraAhmedabad to North Lakhimpur
IndiGoBangalore to North Lakhimpur
AirIndiaPune to North Lakhimpur
VistaraKolkata to North Lakhimpur