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Dawki Tourism – An Ultimate Travel Guide

The panoramic beauty of Dawki is not only mesmerizing in edited pictures, but also in real life. Dawki Tourism has grown over the past several years.

Dawki is a picturesque town of Meghalaya and is one of the most visited tourist destinations located in the northeastern region of India. It is a place which will surely be remembered by you forever even if you visit it only once.

Dawki is one of the favourite tourism destinations of Meghalaya and is a place for attaining traquility from the hustle and bustle of city life. People from India as well as Bangladesh come to dawki for admiring its crystal clear river. Boating at the Dawki River is an unforgettable experience.

Some of major tourism destination that have boosted Dawki Tourism are Dawki River, localy know as Wah Umngot, Borhil Falls, Mawlynnong Village and the Single Living Root Bridge.

What Makes Dawki So Famous?

In addition to being blessed with an abundance of nature’s beauty, Dawki is also blessed with a variety of minerals. It boasts of coal mines as well as plenty of limestone stocks making it an international trading point of India, especially with the neighboring country- Bangladesh.
Interestingly, Dawki is also well known for having a road that directly joins it with the border of Bangladesh.
The Umngot River with its crystal clear water is Dawki’s primary attraction. Tourists, while boating in the river, can even see the rock bed underneath due to its astounding clarity. Adding to all of this beauty, the Dawki River also functions as a fishing spot for both India and Bangladesh.

When to Visit Dawki for Tourism

Dawki has a pleasant weather all-round the year, making it ideal to visit during any season. Situated just below the Jaintia Hills, the Dawki town is blessed with magnificence and dense greenery. Dawki is colder in winter, however, the temperature is still pleasant and bearable to the visitors.

Things to do in Dawki

Here is a list of the top 10 things you must do in Dawki to get the best out of your trip:-

1) Boat Ride– You can do boating in the clean and crystal clear waters of Dawki River.
2) Kayaking– Get some adrenaline rush with Kayaking at Shnongpdeng!
3) Snorkeling and Swimming– You can do snorkeling and swimming under expert guide in the shallow water near the shore and refresh yourself.
4) Fishing– something that you won’t get to do everywhere
5) Scuba Diving – Experience river water scuba diving in Shnongpdeng Dawki.
6) Watch the sunset– and maybe click a snap for your Instagram feed
7) Bonfire– for the sake of vibes at least!
8) Interacting with the locals– you’ll end up learning a thing or two about their culture
9) Clicking Pictures– obviously!
10) Read, write, paint or relax near the river– get indulge with the environment there and feel your creative juices flow.

Itineraries for Dawki Tour

You can choose your ideal Dawki Tour plan from our list of Dawki Tour Packages.

How do we reach Dawki?

You can reach Dawki by road, railway, or flight.
How can you visit Dawki by road?
How can we reach Dawki by rail?
How can one reach Dawki by air?

You can reach Dawki from Shillong by car. Dawki is approximately 81.5 km away from Shillong which is the capital of Meghalaya. The path to Dawki is full of beautiful trees, captivating rivulets, and dense forests. You can either hire a vehicle for self-driving or hop on to a private or public bus that takes you here.

Traveling by train can be fun if you take the right route and are travelling with your loved ones. If you want to reach Dawki by train, you should book your tickets for Guwahati, Assam as this is the only nearest railway station. The distance between Guwahati to Dawki is about 176 km. You can pre-book a taxi from Guwahati to Dawki to avoid last minute hassle.

The fastest and and easiest way to travel to Dawki would be to take a flight. Despite the fact that there are no airports in Dawki itself, the most proximal one is the Shillong Airport which is abut 3.5 hours away from Dawki but it has direct flights only from few cities.
Guwahati Airport has many direct flights from major cities. From Guwahati Airport, it will take around 5 hours drive to finally reach Dawki.


The major local languages of Meghalaya are Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo. Local people can communicate in English well. Apart from these major local languages, there are tribes who have their own languages.
In Meghalaya people also speak Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, and other languages of India. Tourists do not have any difficulty in communicating with the local people of Meghalaya.
In the capital city of Shillong you can find people from different places of India who speak their own languages.

Meghalaya was carved out from Assam and it became a state officially on 21st January 1972. Earlier it was a part of Assam with its capital at Shillong. After Meghalaya achieved its full statehood, Shillong was made the capital of Meghalaya.
The state has different districts like the East Khasi Hills District, Jaintia Hills District, and Garo Hills District which are named after different tribes of Meghalaya. In the past Meghalaya has given birth to heroes and legends. U Tirot Singh and U Kiang Nangbah are the leaders who fought with the British for independence.

There are different tribes who live in Meghalaya. The major tribes of Meghalaya are the Khasis and the Garos. Tribal people of Khasi Hills speak the Khasi language and the people in Gari Hills speak Garo language. Jaintia, Garo, Khasi and English are the official languages of Meghalaya.
Other people in the state speak Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Assamese and Boro. Majority of the people in Meghalaya profess Christianity followed by Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism etc.
The basic occupation of the people in Meghalaya is agriculture. They harvest rice, potato, sweet potato, ginger etc. People in Meghalaya love to eat betel nut and the most famous among the betel nut is called ‘Kwai skup’ which people are fond of eating. Oranges, Ginger, Turmeric, Broom and Limestone of Meghalaya are highly demanded products and are transported outside the state as well as exported to other countries.
Local people celebrate different tribal festivals like the Behdienkhalm, Seng Kut Snem and the Wangala Festival. Tourism in Meghalaya is thriving because of its natural beauty, different cultures and warm and welcoming people.

Weather in Dawki

We are sure you’d be quite excited and looking forward to visiting Dawki so you will definitely ask- how is the weather in Dawki? Usually what is the temperature there?
You’d be glad to hear that Dawki can be visited throughout the year! It is blessed with a pleasant climate all year round.

Summer(April-June) 22°C-32°C
Monsoon(July-September) 25°C-32°C
Winter(October-March) 13°C-25°C

Best Places to Stay in Dawki

Earlier there weren’t too many well-established hotels or BnBs to stay in Dawki but few new accommodations have come up recently without hampering its untouched beauty.Betel Nut Resort in Shnognpdeng village is one of the good options for a resort stay. Apart from resort there are few hotels and homestays in Dawki and Shnognpdeng.For a standard hotel accomomodation you can book your stay at Lamin Guest House and for budget options you can go with homestays.
Apart from hotel and resort stays in Dawki you can do riverside camping. Campsites are available in Shnongpdeng, Dawki. You can pre book camping in Dawki online from Travenjo at a reasonable price. Best camping service providers have listed their offers with us for giving you the best camping experience at the most affordable price.
Here is a list of the top 3 accomodation options in Dawki which are liked by tourists-

NamePrice (Tentative)
Betel Nut ResortStarts from Rs.5000/- per night.
Lamin Guest HouseStarts from Rs.3500/- per night.
Travenjo Private CampingStarts from Rs.1500/- per night.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dawki Tourism

1) Which is the best hotel in Dawki?

The “best” hotel would be different for every traveler. Some prefer proximity to tourist destinations, some prefer to stay away from the noise of the city, some prefer luxurious places, some prefer being in the arms of nature and hearing the birds chirping.You can speak with our agents about your requirements and we can help you find “the best” hotel for you based on your budget and other needs. However you can check these places for staying in and near Dawki:
Betelnut Resort
Lamin Guest House
Brightstar Camping

2) Is traveling to Dawki expensive?

No, not at all! Dawki is one of the most budget-friendly places for travelers. You can get amazing customized tour packages at extremely affordable rates for Dawki if you book through us. Contact us and speak with our agent to get your booking done at awesome discounted prices.

3) What are the important clothes to carry while in Dawki?

Remember to carry your jackets and warm clothes during winter. Also don’t forget your raincoat in monsoons since it rains quite heavily during monsoons. Wear comfortable and good quality shoes for a strong grip as Dawki Tour involves light trekking.

4) Is Dawki ideal for a honeymoon or a family trip?

Dawki is ideal for all kinds of tours- be it a honeymoon tour for couples, a family trip with kids, parents, and grandparents, or a group tour with your close buddies.

5) What are some of the common souvenirs that people can buy from Dawki?

Apart from the common souvenirs like tees, keychains, etc, you can find many other rare and unique souvenirs in Dawki. Make sure you carry home at least one handicraft as a memory so that you help the locals there earn a little while also having something as a memory of your Dawki Trip.

6) What is the shortest Dawki Tour available?

You can cover Dawki in a single day if your tour is planned properly. You can opt for a Dawki day tour from Shillong or Cherrapunji and visit it smajor places. You can speak with our agent to get the package customized by adding and/or removing activities to suit your requirement.

7) Will we get any discounts on group booking?

For queries related to pricing, discounts, group booking, etc we request you to speak with our agent as it would depend on every query.

8) Are there any data or connectivity issues in Dawki?

No, not at all. Despite being a place in nature’s lap, there is very good connectivity in Dawki. In fact, if you are an influencer, you can even live stream your whole journey!
No need to worry about having to find a spot and standing there until you finish your phone call to inform your loved ones about your activities.

9) Are drones allowed in Dawki?

Yes, drones are allowed in most of the places in Dawki, however, if at any place drones are not allowed, our local representative will inform you beforehand to avoid fines.

10) Is Dawki a safe place for tourists?

Dawki is a quite peaceful place. Despite sharing frontiers with Bangladesh, Dawki does not experience any problem law and order problem. It is a tourist hub and one of the safest places in Meghalaya.
Normally travelers do not experience any untoward incident like theft and other petty crimes in Dawki.