Camping in Shillong

Camping in Shillong is an amazing experience for nature lovers and adventure enthusiast alike.
There are beautiful campsites in Shillong with promising experiences like campsites at Umiam Lake, Dawki, Shnogpdeng, Cherrapunjee, Krangsuri, Mawsynram and Umiam Lake.
Dawki and Umiam Lake camping are more famous among other camping places in Shillong as these are also the best places for solo camping so if someone is interested in camping alone they can come to these campsites
Apart from tent stays in Shillong you can also perform some adventurous activities like Boating, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Cliff Jumping etc. The campsites are also spots for performing adventure activities, specially in Shnongpdeng, Dawki.
Enjoy the blissful experience of camping in Shillong amidst the untouched yet accessible locations having amazing landscape. On-budget travelers are sure to have a phenomenal experience of camping in Shillong. We have handpicked some of the best places for Camping in Shillong.
While camping in Shillong you will experience different hospitality a warm welcome by the locals. It will definitely going to be an adventurous and fun-filled activity while doing camping.

Popular Camping Packages

Featured PackageDurationInclusionsPrice
Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng1NActivities, Equipment Usage, Instruction 4,00/-View Details
Camping in Mawlongbna Village1D/1NActivities,Lunch, Equipment Usage, Instruction 4,000/-View Details
Camping In Rtiang Village1D/1NActivities, Lunch, Equipment Usage, Instruction 3,500/-View Details
Unseen Meghalaya Tour8D/7NAccommodations, Equipment Usage, Instruction, Breakfast 29,200/-View Details
Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng

Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng


Activities: Overnight Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng Riverside

Starting From 400(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

Mawlongbna Village

Mawlongbna Village

Mawlongbna Village

Activities: Camping overnight with Kayaking, Trekking, Canyoning, Swimming and Zip Lining

Starting From 4,000(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

Rtiang Village

Rtiang Village

Rtiang Village

Activities: Camping overnight with Trekking, Zip Lining and Kayaking

Starting From 3,500(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

Unseen Meghalaya Tour

Unseen Meghalaya Tour


Activities: Sightseeing and Trekking

Accommodation Transportation Breakfast Sightseeing

Starting From 29,200(Per Person on twin sharing basis)

FAQ about Camping in Shillong

1. What are the cheapest and best camping options in Shillong?

The cheapest and best camping option in Meghalaya for budget travelers is in Dawki, Shnongpdeng. The price starts at Rs.400/- per person. For details check this out Camping in Dawki, Shnongpdeng.

2. Are blankets and bedding provided while Camping in Shillong?

Blankets and Bedding are provided while camping in Shillong and normally included in Tent Price.

3. Is bonfire provided in campsites of Shillong?

Generally bonfire is provided while camping in different camping locations of Shillong.

4. Are there restaurants near the Camping Site in Shillong or is food available on demand?

The option of availability of nearby restaurants depends upon the location of camping. You will find both options available in some campsites like Shnongpdeng, Dawki and in some other places food is arranged by the host.

5. Is toilet and bathroom available at the camping site?

Toilets and bathrooms are available at the Campsite and there are separate toilet arrangements made for men and women.

6. Is parking and luggage room options available while Camping in Shillong?

Parking space is provided by camp hosts and arrangements for luggage room are also made in the campsite.

7. Are there any adventure activities which can be done besides camping?

Besides camping there are different adventure activities that can be done like Cliff Jumping, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving Zip-Lining and Kayaking.

8. Is there arrangement of light inside the tents during camping?

Yes, lights are provided while camping.

9. What are the different types of Camping that are available in Shillong?

Different adventure activities can be done along with camping such as Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Snorkeling and Zip-Lining.

10. Can camping be done during monsoon season?

Camping can be done during the monsoon season but during rain the tents are shifted in another campsite, situated on a higher ground level for added safety.

11. Are the tents which are provided while camping waterproof?

Yes, the tents which are provided while camping are waterproof making it comfortable during rainfall.

12. Is the cost of adventure activities included in the package of camping?

Both options are available during your Camping but it depends based on the camp locations. If you go for the entire package activities will be included and if you opt for only camping some places like Shnongpdeng even offer that.

13. What is the best time for camping in Shillong?

The best time to camp is after monsoon i.e. from September till May. However, camping is done during other months as well depending on the weather condition and camp location.

14. Is luxury camping available for camping in Shillong?

Luxury tents can be arranged for an additional cost.

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