Arunachal Pradesh Caving Tour Packages

Arunachal Pradesh, sometimes known as “the country of the dawn-lit mountains,” is one of India’s few unspoiled wilderness areas. Its glacial environment, alpine meadows, and subtropical rainforests are home to over 500 orchid species and a varied spectrum of civilizations, peoples, and tribes. Itanagar, the capital, is located near Jorhat and north of the Brahmaputra. The route from Bhalukpong, near the Assamese border, to Tawang’s monastery climbs steeply over rocky hills, streams, and ancient trees before passing the stunning Sela Pass (4300m) in the state’s extreme west. The Buddhist villages of Bomdila and Dirang can be found along path. Cloud and snow leopards can be seen in Namdapha National Park in the extreme northeast. Arunachal’s unspoilt, inaccessible central highlands, home to various tribes, conceal some of the most stunning Himalayan sights, including the mysterious Pemako Buddhist region.

Weather Information for planning Arunachal Pradesh Tour

December-FebruaryWinter4°C to 22°C
March-AprilSpring11°C to 25°C
May-JuneSummer10°C to 31°C
July-SeptemberMonsoon19°C to 34°C
October-NovemberAutumn20°C to 31°C

Arunachal Pradesh Important Travel Routes

Arunachal Pradesh to Kaziranga12 hr 14 min (481.6 km) via NH715
Arunachal Pradesh to Guwahati16 hr 43 min (673.5 km) via NH715
Arunachal Pradesh to Tezpur12 hr 45 min (500.8 km) via NH 15
Arunachal Pradesh to Kamakhya16 hr 29 min (655.1 km) via NH 15
Arunachal Pradesh to Shillong17 hr 28 min (734.5 km) via NH715
Arunachal Pradesh to Cherrapunji19 hr 2 min (783.0 km) via NH715
Tawang to Dirang4 hr 10 min (134.5 km) via NH13

Frequently Asked Questions About Arunachal Pradesh Tour

1. What makes Arunachal Pradesh a beautiful destination?

Arunachal Pradesh is a state of India which has been crowned as the orchid state. It is also referred to as the land of tribal cultures, stunning lakes, high-altitude mountains, waterfalls and much more.

2. What suitable time to visit Arunachal Pradesh?

Summer months are the best time to plan an excursion trip to Arunachal Pradesh. As the temperature within this period of time is extremely perfect not only for sightseeing but also for outdoor sports. Which Arunachal provides to its travellers.

3. Name some items as mementoes to buy from Arunachal?

Brass stuff, wood carvings, hats of different shapes and sizes, belts for canes, and bamboo coffee mugs are some of the must-buy items in Arunachal if you are visiting Arunachal for an excursion activity. Apart from these items, there are some more exquisite pottery, silver articles and paintings that locals of Arunachal used to make with their hands.

4. Name some must-witness places of Arunachal.?

In Arunachal, travellers can find many places which have the ability of eye soothing. Some of the most witnessed locations of Arunachal are 
Namdapha National Park
Namdapha National Park
Sela Pass
Nuranang Falls
Bumla Pass
Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Name some outdoor sports of Arunachal.?

In Arunachal, adventure junkies can find many outdoor sports for which they used to urge in their every destination. And the most fascinating outdoor sports of Arunachal are trekking, river rafting, fishing, angling and archery. There are some other sports too which have increased the pace of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh like boating, camping, biking and golfing.

6. Is Arunachal safe for newcomers?

Yes, Arunachal is very safe for its travellers because the regional people of this orchid state are supposed to be quite religious. Treating people with generosity is their way of living. They used to keep themselves away from unnecessary debates and clashes.

7. Name some best eateries in Arunachal.?

In Arunachal, travellers can find many places to sit and eat and plus while eating in some places they can also enjoy an alluring view. Some of the well-known eateries are
Mirch Masala Pure Veg Restaurant. 
Srikrishna Bhojanalaya.
Maheden Food Center. 
Pet Pooja Restaurant.
Vishnu Prasad Veg Restaurant.

8. How to reach Arunachal Pradesh fast?

The fastest and quickest way to reach Arunachal Pradesh is by air and if you want to fly to Arunachal. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do so, as it has no complex runways. Travellers can observe two airports near Arunachal but both are in Assam territory namely—North Lakhimpur’s Lilabari Airport and Guwahati’s Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport and out of these airports Lilabari is the closest to Arunachal.

9. List some best resorts/hotels in Aruncahl for a comfortable stay?

In terms of staying Arunachal for its travellers has lots of resorts, hotels and villas. And within these accommodations travellers can urge all the necessary amenities. Some of them are  
Anu Homestay
Hotel Pybss
Hotel Mandal Ghang
Pal_mo Homestay
Siiro Resort
Cygnett Inn Trendz

10. Is a pass required to enter the state of Arunachal Pradesh?

Yes, an ILP pass is required to enter the state of Arunachal Pradesh. ILP stands for (Inner Line Permit) and it is a must-pass. Travellers can also apply online for this pass, and the only thing a traveller has to do is visit the site Here you have to fill out the form and upload all the necessary documents.

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