Arunachal Pradesh Camping Packages

One of India’s few remaining unspoiled wildernesses is Arunachal Pradesh, sometimes known as “the region of the dawn-lit mountains.” Its glacial topography, alpine meadows, and subtropical rainforests are home to a variety of unique civilizations, peoples, and tribes as well as a mind-boggling 500 varieties of orchids. Itanagar, the capital, is located near Jorhat and north of the Brahmaputra. The route from Bhalukpong, near the Assamese border, to the monastery of Tawang climbs steeply over rocky hills, streams, and ancient woods before crossing the majestic Sela Pass (4300m) in the state’s extreme west. The Buddhist settlements of Bomdila and Dirang are located along the path. Both cloud and snow leopards live in Namdapha National Park in the extreme northeast. The unspoiled, inaccessible central highlands of Arunachal, which are home to several tribes, conceal some of the greatest Himalayan attractions, including the enigmatic Pemako Buddhist region.

Weather Information for planning Arunachal Pradesh Tour

December-FebruaryWinter4°C to 22°C
March-AprilSpring11°C to 25°C
May-JuneSummer10°C to 31°C
July-SeptemberMonsoon19°C to 34°C
October-NovemberAutumn20°C to 31°C

Arunachal Pradesh Important Travel Routes

Arunachal Pradesh to Kaziranga12 hr 14 min (481.6 km) via NH715
Arunachal Pradesh to Guwahati16 hr 43 min (673.5 km) via NH715
Arunachal Pradesh to Tezpur12 hr 45 min (500.8 km) via NH 15
Arunachal Pradesh to Kamakhya16 hr 29 min (655.1 km) via NH 15
Arunachal Pradesh to Shillong17 hr 28 min (734.5 km) via NH715
Arunachal Pradesh to Cherrapunji19 hr 2 min (783.0 km) via NH715
Tawang to Dirang4 hr 10 min (134.5 km) via NH13

Frequently Asked Questions About Arunachal Pradesh Tour

1. What makes Arunachal so popular?

Arunachal Pradesh provides scenic places like mesmerising lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers and waterfalls with numerous types of outdoor sports in a beautiful climate condition that remains pleasant all-round the year.  Which thereafter makes it a popular tourist place.

2. Describe the best time to visit Arunachal?

In terms of visiting Arunachal there is no such season which is superior to any other season. You can observe its beauty at the topmost level in almost every season of the year. But if you love outdoor sports then you must visit this outstanding orchid state during the summer season because in the rainy and winter season carrying out these sports is not possible.

3. Briefly describe some things to do in Arunachal?

When you visit Arunachal Pradesh, you are going to be confused because of its qualities. You will keep on thinking about which activities I should skip and which activities I should perform. But to reduce you stress of dos and don’ts some must performing things are given below
Namdapha National Park: Pay A Visit to and witness some rare species.
Sela Pass: Take Pictures of Snowy Mountains.
Ziro Valley: witness and learn the local culture and tradition.  
Glow Lake: relax your tired body and mind by sitting next to this lake.
Roing: observe the beauty of the sun setting at this location.
Bomdila: an astonishing site for selfies lovers.
Dirang valley: if you have strong legs then you must try a trekking activity here.
Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary: In this location you can observe tigers from a close distance.
Nuranang Falls: respect and appreciate the beauty of nature by visiting these falls.

4. Mention some must visit places in Arunachal?

Some must visit places of Arunachal are given, where by reaching you are going to forget all your past stress because of its speechless qualities.
Nuranang falls
Sela Pass
Namdapha National Park

5. Mentioned some best eateries in Arunachala Pradesh?

Since Arunachal is a major tourist state in the north-eastern region of India therefore, you can find lots of restaurants where you can sit and eat your favourite food. Some well-known restaurants of Arunachal are named below:
Sunam Restaurant
Fruit Lyrics
November Restaurant
Golden Crown
A good restuarant.

6. Fastest way to reach the state of Arunachal Pradesh?

Fastest way by which you can visit Arunachal Pradesh is a flight service. But unfortunately, you will not be able to get a flight service to Arunachal because it has no airports due to the mountainous region. Therefore, you have to arrive first at Lilabari Airport and then head your journey with a cab towards Arunachal.

7. What things can I buy from Arunachal?

Locals of Arunachal Pradesh used to make lots of artefacts and small-small stuff and their creativity is really outstanding. Therefore, it is advised that if you are visiting Arunachal then must buy items like shawls, woollen carpets, wooden utensils, tribal dresses and lots more.

8. How to communicate in Arunachal Pradesh?

If you are visiting Arunachal then communication will not be a spoilsport stuff because the locals of this state are completely acquainted with English and Hindi. Therefore, you can communicate in any of these languages within the region of Arunachal.

9. Do we need a pass to visit Arunachal Pradesh?

Yes, a ILP pass is required to enter this protected state of India that lies within the north-eastern part. Because this orchid state shares its border with three different countries and to avoid any unforeseen activity this beautiful state asks permits for its travellers while entering it.

10. Can i apply for an ILP pass online?

Applying for Arunachal ILP pass online is possible. You have to visit the official site of and upload all the mandatory details along with passport size photos and entry fee.

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