Our Intercity Cab Fares

RoutePrime SedanSUVSumo
Guwahati City to Shillong City1600/-3800/-2000/-
Shillong City to Guwahati City1600/-3800/-2000/-
Guwahati Airport to Shillong City2200/-3800/-3000/-
Shillong City to Guwahati Airport2200/-3800/-3000/-
Shillong to Cherrapunjee2000/-
Guwahati Railway Station to Shillong City1600/-3800/-2000/-
Shillong to Guwahati Railway Station1600/-3800/-2000/-


Our Sightseeing Cab Fares

PlaceHatchbackPrime SedanSumoSUV
Cherrapunjee Sightseeing Tour2500/-2700/-4000/-4500/-
Shillong City  Sightseeing Tour2000/-2200/-3000/-3500/-
Dawki and Mawlynong Sightseeing Tour3000/-3500/-4500/-5000/-
Krangsuri Sightseeing Tour3200/-3500/-4500/-5000/-
Guwahati Sightseeing Tour3000/-


Our Hourly Cab Fares

1Hr 10 kms250/-
2Hrs 20 kms500/-
3Hrs 30 kms750/-
4Hrs 40 kms1000/-
5Hrs 50 kms1250/-
6Hrs 60 kms1500/-
7Hrs 70 kms1750/-
8Hrs 80 kms2000/-

Every additional Kilometer will be charged Rs.18/- per kilometer and every additional 15 minutes will be charged Rs.25/-.

Our Cabs are clean, well maintained which makes your ride comfortable. Our drivers are polite, humble and courteous and they are driver cum guide.